03.10.09 -- Ai, ai, eye!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Puzzle by Thomas Takaro, edited by Will Shortz
EYE (37D. Word that can follow each half of 20- and 60-Across and 11- and 36-Down), along with BLACKHAWK (20A. Attack helicopter), BUCK NAKED (60A. In the altogether), SEEING RED (11D. Really steamed) and GLASS WALL (36D. See-through partition), are the interrelated entries of this Tuesday crossword -- blackeye, hawkeye, Buckeye, naked eye, seeing eye, red eye glass eye, wall eye -- ai, ai, eye!
Other long entries include the currently shudder-invoking BANKABLE (8D. Sure to bring in money), DELAYED (46D. Stuck in traffic, say), GAS OVEN (32D. Appliance for a pilot), and the laudatory WHIZ BANG (41D. Super-duper)!
People in the puzzle --
AKIRA (55D. Director Kurosawa); ALOU (64A. Baseball’s Moises); ARLEN (68A. “Over the Rainbow” composer Harold); ELIA (37A. Director Kazan); EZRA (52A. Cornell or Pound); JACOBI (49D. Derek of “I, Claudius); JANE (59D. Girl with the dog Spot); KEILLOR (21D. Radio host Garrison); KURT (61D. Quarterback Warner); LAWYERS (40A. Often-joked-about professionals); LEAH (24A. Sister of Rachel); OONA (15A. The last Mrs. Charlie Chaplin); PLACIDO (4D. Tenor Domingo); a REI (48A. Portuguese king) and a RULER (53D. Kaiser or czar); RUSSO (10D. Costner’s “Tin Cup” co-star); and for good measure -- 34A. “Just a GIGOLO” (1931 hit) -- quite a crew, by JOVE (49A. Zeus, to the Romans)!
Mid-size entries -- AERIE (23A. Raptor’s rost) and AISLE (2D. Seating option); ARSON (9A. Cause of something going up?); ARUBA (1D. Tourist mecca off Venezuela); DODDER (45A. Walk unsteadily); EDENS (57D. Idyllic spots);
ELATE (54A. Make rhapsodic) and ELITE (27D. Select few); a 51D. ESTES Park, Colo.; FALSE (69A. Far from faithful); GOATEE (30D. Colonel Sanders facial feature) and HAIRDO (25D Buzz, bob or bangs); GUTEN (34D. Word before “Morgen” or “Tag”); IN AWE (7D. Blown away); IRONY (35D. O. Henry literary device); LOCALS (6D. Many subway rains); QUEUE (16A. London line); RADAR (3D. Weather forecaster’s tool); RIATA (62A. Gaucho’s rope); SOBER (28D. Unloaded?); TEPID (56D. Not so hot); USERS (19A. Tech callers) -- that’s also a good-size group, by GOSH (5D. “Holy cow!).
Short stuff -- AQUA, ASI, BAG (31A. Do a cashier‘s job), DADS, DIGS, ENS and NES, ERIN, ETE, GLIB, GLO, GOSH, GRIT, NEBR, ONES,
Will-O’ THE-wisp, OUR, RIAL, RIB, SCAN (18A. Do a cashier‘s job), TOA -- along with a healthy dose of initials: AARP, IRA, NYSE, RAF, URL, USDA, WSJ -- alphabet soup, YIPE (65A. “Holy cow!).
Can‘t Take My Eyes Off of You!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Org. for boomers, now; 5. Smooth-talking; 14. Iranian money; 17. Food-stamping org.; 26. Snack machine inserts; 29. Abode, informally; 33. Day-___ colors; 38. Pick on, in a way; 39. WWW bookmark; 42. Summer on the Seine; 43. Ellington’s “Prelude ___ Kiss”; 47. U.S.N.A. grad; 50. The Big Board, for short; 58. Where to read about the 50-Across: Abbr.; 67. Lincoln’s state: Abbr.; 68. Sons of ___ (group promoting Irish heritage); 70. Determination; 71. Root beer brand. Down: 9. Pastel hue; 12. Wilder’s ___ Town”; 13. Classic game console letters.

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