03.11.09 -- The Face on the Barroom Floor

The Face on the Barroom Floor
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Puzzle by Caleb Madison, edited by Will Shortz
BAR (58D. Judging by their names, where the answers to the four starred clues might be found?), along with DONALD RUMSFELD (20A. *Bush cabinet member who resigned in 2006), AMY WINEHOUSE (26A. *Her “Rehab” won a Grammy for Song of the Year), WALLACE BEERY (45A. *Best Actor winner for “The Champ,” 1931) and NATALIE PORTMAN (54A. *”Star Wars” actress who’s a Harvard grad), are the interrelated entries of this Wednesday crossword.
AGE LIMIT (5D. What some amusement park rides have), given an appropriate clue, might join the aforementionend group, along with an Animal-House style DORM ROOM (40D. Stereotypically messy digs); certainly a BLUE MONDAY (10D. 1957 Fats Domino hit) after a lost weekend, and ABSOLUTELY (26D. “No doubt!”), OASTS (14A. Places for hops).
KIDS MEAL (9D. Restaurant offering that might come with a toy) and
OSCULATE (37D. Kiss) are the other long entries, followed by the shorter NON-STOP (36A. All day every day) with it's match of NO END (3D. Incessantly), ONE UNIT (7D. A pint, typically, at a blood bank) and OLD DEAR (39A. Friend from way, way back).
Other people in the puzzle include three poets -- ELIOT (2D. Poet who wrote
“This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper”), POE (38D. “The Bells” writer) and W B YEATS (43D. “The Second Coming” poet) -- along with the ilk of ANA (46D. Tennis’s Ivanovic), BEBE (58A. New member of la familia), BYRD (10A. Longest-serving senator in U.S. history), ENSOR (53D. Artist James), an INCA (4D. Ancient Peruvian), MATER (66A. Livia, to Tiberius), MORK (6A. Sitcom father of Mearth), MORROW (6D. Rob of “Numb3rs”), NERO (54D. “I, Claudius” figure), a NIECE (17A. Wedding flower girl, maybe), NITA (35A. Actress Naldi of the silents) and U NU (49A. First P.M. of Burma).
Five-letter left-overs: ALIBI (31A. Out); 14A. Sing ALONG;
EL PASO (47D. City on the Rio Grand); I’M SET (51D. “No more for me”); OASIS (60A. Al-Qatif, for one); OTERO (63A. New Mexico county); X AND Y (1D. 2005 #1 album for Coldplay); XENIA (1A. Ohio town called the Bicycle Capital of the Midwest); ZAIRE (52D. Congo, once).
Livin’ La Vida LOCA, MGM, NEO, ONEI, RAND, READ and REAM, ROSY, SOW, STAT, TATA, TEA, TITS, UIES, ULNA, YELL and YLEM, YTD (23A. Wall Street earnings abbr) -- earnings?!
And the face on the barroom floor…?
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Remaining clues -- Across: 15. “The ___ Love”; 16. Be biased; 18. Librarian’s imperative; 19. It’s below the elbow; 24. Monopoly token; 25. ___ Grand; 34. Leaves after dinner?; 41. Opening for outside?; 42. Spread; 50. Proto-matter from which the universe was made; 51. Real ending?; 59. Simple quatrain form; 61. ___ Sea, outlet of the Amu Darya; 62. Small songbirds; 64. Glowing; 65. Old pump name. Down: 8. Chew out; 11. Holler; 12. Pretoria money; 13. Strand material; 21. Towel off; 22. String after E; 27. Prefix with liberal; 28. 180’s; 29. Factoid for fantasy baseball; 30. “I’m all ___”; 31. Fresh; 33. Worldwide: Abbr.; 48. Want ad abbr.; 55. “Down with …!”: Fr.; 56. Relative of a stork; 57. “Ciao”.

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