03.14.09 -- X GAMES

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
With a near duplicate diagram as yesterday’s Friday crossword, this Saturday puzzle is exactly as exacting as its‘ predecessor .
Holoalphabetic (not to be confused with a pangram) it’s a free-wheeling affair with XGAMES (11D. Skateboarders compete in them) at the JFKPLAZA (1A. Park near Philly’s City Hall, site of the LOVE statue), RATTLING (17A. Fazing) the solver with a FLASHFIRE (2D. Result of a combustion explosion) of OPAQUE (18A. Not easily understood) clues and entries that can leave one ZONKED (7D. Totally beat).
Enough of that! I leave analysis to the crossword junkies of the cyber-rant!
Across: 9. One might help you on your return, TAXTIP; 15. Drawer, ELICITOR; 16. “Ciao!”, IMGONE; 19. John Wayne’s L.A. alma mater, USC; 20. Sticky paint resins, ALKYDS; 22. Sierra Club founder, MUIR; 23. Alewife’s relative, SHAD; 25. Prefix with facsimile, TELE; 26. A root crop, BEETS; 27. Picked styles?, AFROS; 29. Prepares with hot seasoning, DEVILS; 31. Fine threads, LISLES; 33. Put out, SORE; 34. Grey Cup sports org., CFL; 37.
Bedtime stories, EROTICA; 39. River surrounding Navy Island, NIAGARA; 41. Head word, MEN; 42. Reliever’s triumph, SAVE; 44. 1925 trial name, SCOPES; 45. Confirmation to a busboy, IMDONE; 47. “Das Glasperienspiel” novelist, HESSE; 48. Some pens, SWANS; 51. With no apparent purpose, IDLY; 53. Arnsberg is on it, RUHR; 54. One of two that make one, HALF; 55. Gas pump option, PREPAY; 57. Had no catching up to do, LED; 58. Secret area of anatomy?, AXILLA; 60. Sari-clad royal, MAHARANI; 62 Do a pit job, REFUEL; 63. Cuts off, ISOLATES; 64. N.C.A.A. rival of George Mason, DREXEL; 65. 1966 hit of the Capitols, COOLJERK.
Down: 1. It was captured by British forces in 1917, JERUSALEM; 3.
Eponym of a national forest in New Mexico, KITCARSON; 4. Election figure: Abbr., PCT; 5. With 59-Down, Rudolph Valentino’s “Blood and Sand” co-star, LILA; 6. Pitching a bit, ATILT; 8. Pair of diamonds?, ARGYLES; 9. Reunión attendees, TIOS; 10. Performance piece?, AMP; 12. Alternative to a pillbox, TOQUE; 13. Anorak wearer, INUIT; 14. They’re on the same level, PEERS; 21. Dartmoor setting, DEVON; 24. One isn’t sharp, DOLT; 26. It’ll help you lighten up, BLEACH; 28. They’re the fault of faults, SEISMS; 30. One of Tennessee’s state symbols, IRIS; 32. Lot, SCAD; 34. Enclosed in a case, as seeds, CAPSULATE; 35. Toning skin lotion, FRESHENER; 36. Passé video store offering, LASERDISK; 38. To have, in Tours, AVOIR; 40. It may follow convention, GOER; 43. Not foreign, ENDEMIC; 45. Opposite of exodus, INFLUX; 46. Texas’s westernmost county, ELPASO; 48. Dig find, SHARD; 49. Polish person?, WAXER; 50. Part of some biography titles, ALIFE; 52. Bumpkin, YAHOO; 55. Dark cover, PALL; 56. Dixieland group?, YALL; 59. See 5-Down, LEE; 61. Period in Indian history, RAJ.
Incidentally, it’s Pi Day!
Oh yeah, and every day, those X GAMES!
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