Marching Orders

The Egyptians Drowned in the Red Sea, Gustave Doré
Marching Orders, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly puzzle. For March, the title of the puzzle is Marching Orders, and this month‘s puzzle features the word “order“ in the clues of the crossword:
Across: 1. Common restaurant order, with “the”; 5. Frequently, in verse; 8. Verb with “thou”; 12. Tuneful Tori; 13. MAIL-order catalog; 15. Order from Allen Funt; 16. Public disorder; 17. “Waiting for the Robert ELEE”; 18.
Peace, Justice and Order, in Greek myth; 19. Long-eared equine; 20. Bailiff’s order; 22. Guy’s personal ad abbr.; 23. Carrier of orders from Zeus; 25. AOL or MSN, e.g.; 27. OPT out (decline); 28. Kind of bunt on scorecards; 30. Members of a benevolent and protective order; 34. Laments out loud; 36. Company from which Wile E. Coyote ordered; 37. Lecherous sort; 38. “HOME, James!” (order to a chauffeur); 39. Burst into flower; 40. Order to a marksman; 41. Whaler’s adverb; 42. School on the Thames; 43. Take orders at, as a bar; 44. Place in alphabetical order, say; 45. TOP of the order (first batters in the lineup); 46. Pres., militarily speaking; 47. Sault STE Marie; 49. Order of the GARTER (British award); 52. Pewter, in part; 55. One way to order pie; 58. Gen-XER (boomer’s kid); 60. Lagoon site; 62. MADE-to-order (custom); 63 Order to Fido; 64. The USUAL (Customary order); 65. Fin player on “Law & Order: SVU”; 66. “Coffee, Tea ORME?”; 67. iTunes order; 68. Raised rails; 69. Where to head ’em off.
Down: 1. SARA Lee cakes; 2. Old Order AMISH (simple-living sect); 3. Loyal Order of MOOSE; 4. Body shop fig.; 5. Brunch order; 6. Goes sprawling; 7. Stadium section; 8. Patient care grp.; 9. Goes public with; 10. Side order with a burger; 11. Proliferate; 14. Islands keepsake; 15. Cows and sows; 20. Music store buys; 21. Order to an attack dog; 24. “ROBERTS Rules of Order”; 26. “… in order to form a more PERFECT union …”; 28. Baskin-Robbins order; 29. AMON-Ra (Egyptian god); 31. Butcher shop order; 32. One of an Iraqi minority; 33. “Told ya!”; 34. Arty Big apple area; 35. Baseball exec Minaya; 36. Kind of sax; 38. Hasbrouck HTS, N.J.; 39. Narcotic-yielding palm; 43. Get pooped out; 46. They take orders from drill sergeants; 48. TALL order (difficult request); 49.
GODEL, Escher, Bach; an Eternal Golden Braid”; 50. EXTRA cheese (pizza order); 51. Copier paper orders; 52. Greek T’s; 53. “Make ITSO!”; (order from Picard); 54. Adjective accompanier; 56. “AMI losing it?”; 57. Protective spray; 59. Deli loaves; 61. Determine order of play, in pool; 63. SOP up (absorb).
For this month of the coming of Spring, there is a single
BLOOM in the center of the puzzle!
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