03.21.09 -- Whatever

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Puzzle by Robert H. Wolfe, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. Washington is just above it,
ONE DOLLAR; 10. About, AS FOR; 15. Believe, HAVE FAITH; 16. What things might be written in, STONE; 17. “Whatever”, I DON‘T CARE; 18. Some bucks and does, HARES; 19. Garage stock, OIL; 20. The Brady boys or girls, TRIO; 21. One opinionated to a fault, BIGOT; 22. Ear piece, ANVIL; 25. The Minotaur was fed seven of these annually, MAIDENS; 27. High-maintenance, NEEDY; 28. Firm, STERN; 30. Relatively recent arrival?, TOT; 31. They appreciate 59-Down, ESTHETES; 33. She gave Odysseus a magic veil, INO; 34. Feldman’s co-star on “The Two Coreys”, HAIM; 37. Impressionable, WAXEN; 38. Minimal progress, STEP; 39. Maximum: Abbr., ULT; 40. Glider-towing plane, AIRTRAIN; 42. “A Footnote to History” author’s inits., RLS; 43. State in Elysium, BLISS; 44. Ingredient in chocolat, SUCRE; 48. Quarterback Cunningham, RANDALL; 50. Home of Weber State University, OGDEN; 51. Some lilies, ALOES; 52. Red man?, ERIC; 56. Hipster, CAT; 57. Two-time “Dancing With the Stars” co-winner Julianne HOUGH; 58. Fully posted?, WELL-AWARE; 61. Succeed, ENSUE; 62. Adjunct to some pens, INK ERASER; 63. Believes, DEEMS; 64. North Pacific carnivores, SEA OTTERS.
Down: 1. William Howard Taft, by birth,
OHIOAN; 2. Chuck Berry title girl who’s repeatedly asked “Is that you?”, NADINE; 3. Come about, EVOLVE; 4. Plotters’ place, DEN; 5. “So OFT have I invoked thee …”: Shak.; 6. Opening for milk?, LACT; 7. One who’s not straight, LIAR; 8. Bell town in a Longfellow poem, ATRI; 9. Blood flow measurers, RHEOMETERS; 10. Garbage collectors, ASHBINS; 11. Settled, STAID; 12. Don’t even bother!”, FORGET IT; 13. Kind of defense, ONE ON ONE; 14. It’s found between exits, REST STOP; 23. Latin word in a quotation book, IDEM; 24. City in Arthur C. Clarke’s “The City and the Stars”, LYS; 26. Squaring-off site, ARENA; 28. Kids’ entertainer who won 12 Emmys, SHARI LEWIS; 29. College expenses, TEXTS; 32. Herringbone, e.g., TWILL; 34. Cheered, HURRAHED; 35. Forsaken, ALL ALONE; 36. “Don’t even bother!”, IT’S NO USE; 38. Far from baggy, SNUG; 40. Turns red, maybe, ABASHES; 41. Prefix with lateral, ISO; 45 Record keeper, CD CASE; 46. Parent, REARER; 47. Inscribes, e.g., ENTERS; 49. Free of sticky stuff, DEGUM; 53. Fran├žois-RENE de Chateaubriand; 54. Chase in films, ILKA; 55. Last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty, informally, CLEO; 59. It’s appreciated by 31-Across, ART; 60. Buddhist monastery, WAT.
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