03.24.09 -- The Law

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Puzzle by Pancho Harrison, edited by Will Shortz
POLICE (62-Across. They can be found in 20- and 55-Across and 10- and 26-Down), and the partial entries of FUZZ, COPS, THE MAN and HEAT comprise the main feature of this Tuesday crossword.
Across: 1. Wrote an ode to, LAUDED; 7. China’s Chou En-LAI; 10. Captain Hook’s henchman, SMEE; 14. Cause of weird weather, EL NINO; 15. Press worker’s stain, INK; 16. Brighton bye-bye, TATA; 17. Augments, ADDS TO; 18. Wine servers, STEWARDS; 20. Adolescent boy’s growth, PEACH FUZZ; 22. Recurring Woody Allen theme, ANGST; 23. Have a go at, TRY; 24. What oil helps dissolve, RUST; 25. “I Pity the Fool” star, MRT; 26. Brother of Little Joe on ‘60s TV, HOSS; 27. “Jingle Bells” starter, DASHING; 31. Little green man, ALIEN; 34. Soldier’s period of service, TOUR; 36. Isaac’s eldest, ESAU; 37. Cocoon occupants, PUPAE; 38. Little green men, for short, ETS; 39. Target competitor, K-MART; 40. Where a tab is inserted, SLOT; 41. Joan of the Blackhearts, JETT; 42. “Biography” network, once, A AND E; 43. King Cole was a merry one, OLD SOUL; 45. “Death in Venice” author Thomas MANN; 47. Demolition aid, TNT; 48. “The Witches” director Nicolas ROEG; 49. Some Super Bowl Sunday highlights, ADS; 52. Africa’s largest city, CAIRO; 55. Bargains for leniency, COPS A PLEA; 57. Dukakis in 1988 and Dole in 1996, ALSO-RANS; 59. (0,0) on a graph, ORIGIN; 60. Reach a high, PEAK; 61. Grampa Simpson, ABE; 63. Lap dog, informally, PEKE; 64. Window units, briefly, ACS; 65. Electrician’s alloy, SOLDER.
Down: 1. Did an axel, e.g., LEAPT; 2. Reed with catkins, ALDER; 3. It’s observed on Oct. 24, U N DAY; 4. Wink in tiddlywinks, e.g., DISC; 5. Make king or queen, ENTHRONE; 6. Goofball, DOOFUS; 7. “Hungarian Rhapsodies” composer, LISZT; 8. Animated bug film of 1998, ANTZ; 9. Clanton at the O.K. Corral, IKE; 10. Musial’s nickname, STAN THE MAN; 11. Helgenberger of “CSI”, MARG; 12. LAX postings, ETDS; 13. American League division, EAST; 21. J.P. Morgan co., U S STEEL; 25. Scratch, MAR; 26. Dehydration may help bring this on, HEAT STROKE; 27. Housecleaning aid, DUST MOP; 28. “This IS AN outrage!”; 29. Source of a fragrant oil, NARD; 30. “GUTE Nacht” (German words of parting); 31. Lhasa APSO; 32. Temporary calm, LULL; 33. Popular MP3 player, IPOD; 35. Mel in Cooperstown, OTT; 39. Emblem on the Australian coat of arms, KANGAROO; 41. Protrude, JUT; 44. ON OR about (circa); 46. AESOP’S Fables”; 48. Gift o Valentine’s Day, ROSES; 49. Chilly, ALGID; 50. Make less chilly, DE-ICE; 51. Less loopy, SANER; 52. Al who created Fearless Fosdick, CAPP; 53. Away from the wind, ALEE; 54. “Out of Africa” author Dinesen, ISAK; 55. “Fast Money” network, CNBC; 56. Dosage unit, PILL; 58. Battery size, AAA.
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