03.06.09 -- All the World...

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"; shows a group of amputees, jugglers, street musicians etc., at the corner of Golden Lane. On the left a black one-legged fiddler; before him on the ground a cloud "Reminiscences", on his right a "Notice to vagrants". Probably an allusion to the Vagrancy Act, 1824. © City of London
Friday, March 6, 2009
Puzzle by Corey Rubin, edited by Will Shortz
Ambiguity, obscurity and variety -- the stuff that crosswords are made of!
Interrelated entries for this Friday crossword include DO AS I SAY (67A. With 60-Across, hypocrite’s mantra) and NOT AS I DO (60A. See 57-Across); CLEANLINESS (9D. It’s next to 10-Down, both in an adage and literally in this puzzle), GODLINESS (10D. See 9-Down); ETLA (13D. See 28-Down) and ICI (28D. With 13-Down, here and there, to Henri). Loosely related are ON LOAN TO (16A. Being borrowed by) and NEED HELP (18A. Be in a fix, say); START ON (4D. Tackle) and TILT AT (15A. Square off against); GET A RAISE (30D. Start pulling down more?) and BASE PAY (49A. It doesn’t include a bonus); I MEANT (61A. Backpedaler’s words) and SAVE IT (59A. Cry that may forestall a lame excuse).
People in the puzzle --
A A MILNE (27A. “The Great Broxopp” playwright, 1921); ANDRE (53A. Physicist Ampère); ARTEMIS (22A. Sender of the Calydonian boar); ATHLETES (62A. Forward and back, e.g.); ATTY (56D. Pro in briefs?: Abbr.); BIRNEY (63A. “St. Elsewhere” actor David); CHANGS (29A. 189 French Open winner and others); EDNA (51D. Mom in “Hairspray”); DOLITTLE (40A. Doctor who’s friends with Matthew Mugg); HEATH (48D. Ledger with lines); MACGYVER (7A. 1980s-’90s action/adventure series); MAGEE (5D. 1966 Tony winner for “Marat/Sade”); NORMA (55A. Noted role for Maria Callas); SAL (58D. Paradise in literature); SIB (59D. Family member); STE (6D. Julie, e.g.: Abbr.); and can we include EMBRYOS (42D. Early developments)?
Other --
ALTAR RAIL (3D. Place to receive communion); A STAGE (17A. The world, per the Bard); CAESAREAN (32D. Certain section); ENEMY MINE (33D. Barry B. Longyear novella that won Hugo and Nebula awards); ESTEEM (43A. Prize); MASS TRANSIT (23D. One way around town); MONISMS (7D. Philosophies that regard reality as one organic whole); PARAMUS (45A. New Jersey setting of “Coneheads”); PISTACHIO (2D. Yellow-green shade); SCIENCES (31A. Academic area); SPASMS (1A. Tetanus symptom); STARE (19A. It may be glassy); TIP OVER (44D. Upset); VITAL (20A. Key); V NECK (12D. Feature of some shirts).
Short stuff -- ACID, ACRO, ANET, ANO, CAY,
And are all the words a crossworld…
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Remaining clues -- Across: 21. Low reef; 24. Insignificant injury; 26. Prefix with -polis; 35. Name tag?; 36. “Como es ?” (“How come?” in Cadiz); 38. Follower of drop or shut; 39. It includes mayo; 47. “All You Need ___” (2008 Morrissey song); 48. Dance around a high chair?; 51. Annual stretch of trois mois. Down: 1. Stepping-off points: Abbr.; 8. Without ___ (daringly); 14. Thickly fibrous; 20. Using; 25. What few people live for: Abbr.; 26. Breakdown cause; 34. Certain; 37. Brazilian greeting; 46. Sharjah’s fed.; 52. Blow; 54. ___ City, Fla.

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