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Ken Richmond as he opened films from the J. Arthur Rank Studio.
Sunday, March 8, 2009
DIAGRAMLESS, Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz
Four separate puzzle blocks connected by a trickle of letters in a zigzag center give some difficulty to solving this diagramless crossword. Swaths of empty squares occupy the corners and scattered ones prevent entry from one sector to another. With the constantly alternating allocation of one to four clues per diagramless line, coupled with the inability to move between blocks of words, this crossword is mean.
The puzzle has a group of interrelated entries --- WRONG AGAIN (13A. *”Nope, that’s not it either”); SEGA GENESIS (21A. *Sonic the Hedgehog game system); LONG AGO (44A. *Many years past); BUSTING A GUT (65A. *Laughing hysterically); BANG A GONG (6D. *1972 T. Rex hit titled
“Get It On” in the U.K.); VOTING AGE (40D. *18) -- tied together by INSIDE JOKE (73A. Something you might not get … or what the answers to the starred clues each contain?).
The remainder of the entries are fairly common with workable clues. There’s ORALB and BGIRL, UZI and OUZO, SOYUZ and SUDOKU, and ACES clued as Serves one right?
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Remaining clues -- Across: 6. Island east of Java; 10. Defeat in a hot dog contest, e.g.; 10. Q ___ queen; 18. Knock-___; 19. Soak (up); 20. Dual track bet; 24 Understandable; 25 Brits take it in the afternoon; 26. Rock’s Brian; 27. 10 C-notes; 29. Cunning; 30. Swenson of “Benson”; 32. Overworked worker’s cry; 35. Running track?; 36. #10 on a table; 37. Old Soviet program; 39. With: Fr.; 43. “Peer___”; 46. Nf3 in chess, e.g.; 47. Line divs.; 48. Austrian pianist Schnabel; 49. Gossip subject; 50. “His Master’s Voice” company; 51. Modern-day Rolodexes, briefly; 54. Take some courses?; 55. Natl. Poetry Month; 58. Some are electric; 60. Soldier in gray; 62. “Smoking or ___?”; 63. The “M” in M.O.; 69. Bold; 71. Historical org.; 72. Point toward; 75. Calc prerequisite; 76. Open one’s eyes; 77. Otherwise; 78. Word before fund or me. Down: 1. Search for water with a divining rod; 2. Franc replacers; 3. “Uncle!”; 4. Barbie’s beau; 5. Wise man; 7. Cruising; 8. Feudal lord; 9. Start of many paragraphs; 11. Economic stimulus; 14. Guy’s man squeeze; 15. Serves one right?; 16. Right-leaning: Abbr.; 17. Not (a one); 18. Visual acuity; 21. Smarts; 22. Holiday quaff; 23. Apathetic response; 28. Anise-flavored liqueur; 31. They have homes in the hills; 33. “It ___ what you think!”; 34. Become opaque; 38. Fabric purchase; 39. In the thick of; 41. Find balance over time; 42. Basement surface; 44. Fancy collar material; 45. Toothbrush brand; 50. District in the San Fernando Valley; 52. Leon Uris hero; 53. Filibustering body; 55. Prefix with dextrous; 56. Cybersitter target; 57. Nutritional amts.; 59. Numbers game; 61. Female hip-hopper; 64. Israeli gun; 66. “___ alive!”; 67. Midlands river; 68. Writer Kingsley; 70. Grown-up eft; 74. Startle.

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