03.04.09 -- IN or OUT

Dog & Door, 2003, Nestor Botta
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Puzzle by C. W. Stewart, edited by Will Shortz
IN OR OUT (39A. Choice for a dog, as well as a hint to the puzzle’s theme) is the clue for the squares to contain both IN and OUT, constituting the interrelated entries of this Tuesday crossword.
Across -- [IN/OUT] COME (1. Revenue / Result); [IN/OUT] LAW (6. Many a holiday visitor / Bandit); ASK [IN/OUT] (10. Welcome, as a visitor / Try to make a date with); [IN/OUT] CLASS (26. At a lecture, say / Surpass in quality); STAND [IN/OUT] (48. Sub / Excel); [IN/OUT] FOR (67. Soon to get / Trying to get); LED [IN/OUT] (68. Ushered / Showed the door); DRAW [IN/OUT] (69. Attract / Protract).
Down -- [IN/OUT] LET (1. Fjord / Bargain locale); [IN/OUT] STEP (6. Foot part / Go beyond); [IN/OUT] SET (13. Map feature / Start); [IN/OUT] LAST (26. Arriving at the tail end / Survive); SENT [IN/OUT] (33. Submitted, as an entry / Emitted); BEAT [IN/OUT] (51. Hit so as to make collapse / Win over); SIT [IN/OUT] (52. ’60s protest / Skip, as a dance); ALL [IN/OUT] (60. Tired / Total).
The long entries are ADAMANT (10D. Unwavering); BASINETS (29A. Steel helmets with visors); ENDOWMENT (21A. College asset); 45D. India’s MALABAR Coast;
MENORAH (4D. Holiday display); SANDSTONE (52A. Grand Canyon material); TONELESS (46A. Lacking inflection); YES DEAR (43D. Spouse’s response).
Mid-size -- BERTS (29D. Some Muppet dolls); CELLO (27D. It has four strings); EASEL (66A. Painter’s prop); EATEN (31D. Consumed); ELENI (17A. 1985 Kate Nelligan title role); ENTAIL (47D. Necessitate); EZINES (5D. Periodicals not brought by a postal carrier); ISLES (39D. Antilles, e.g.);
LABAN (28D. Brother of Rebecca, in the Bible); LOPEZ (14A. Comedian George); SALSA (57A. Doritos dip); SLAYS (42A. Has rolling in the aisles); STARE (37A. Gawk); TALON (20A. Condor’s claw); TASTED (49D. Tried); TBILL (63A. Govt. security); TREAD (32D. Tire feature); WAGONS (9D. They may be covered and circled); WRIST (22D. Watch location).
Short stuff --
ABEL, ABLE and ALB, ALOE, AREA and ARID, ASAN and ASOF, BAAL, BOSS, COLA, DAIS, IMET and ISEE, KILN, LAWN, LEAH (34A. Daughter of 28-Down), LISA, MEAT, NEED, NERO and NRA, OPEL, ORME, REAP, SABE and SARA, SEN and TEN, SLEW (59D. What Cain did to 35-Across), STER, TORA, TWIG, URSA Major.
In or out?
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Remaining clues -- Across: 15. 1980s Geena Davis sitcom; 16. Locale for a seat of honor; 18. Chickadee’s perch; 19. Up to the job; 23. Glean; 25. Oldest U.S. civil liberties org.; 34. Daughter of 28-Down; 35. Genesis victim; 38. Priest’s garb; 41. Half a score; 44. Trick ending?; 45. Gist; 50. D.C. bigwig; 51. False god; 61. “Uh-huh”; 62. What a surveyor surveys; 64. __ Bora, wild part of Afghanistan; 65. The Box Tops’ “___ Her in Church”. Down: 2. Mixer; 3. Autobahn auto; 7. White House adjunct; 8. Parched; 11. Kemo ___; 12. Brick baker; 24. ___ an example; 30. Burn balm; 36. Honcho; 40. ___ Major; 53. From; 54. Peter at the ivories; 55. “It’s either you ___”; 56. Poverty; 58. Marge’s TV daughter.

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