03.16.09 -- Long I...

Long Island Sound
Monday, March 16, 2009
Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz
Long I sounds and their various spellings comprise the interrelated entries of this Monday crossword -- SIGMACHI, MAITAI, KNEEHIGH, WISEGUY, HAIRDYE, CLEARSKY, MUDPIE and EVANBAYH. The puzzle is accompanied by the note “The answers to the eight starred clues all have something in common, each in a different way.”
Other long entries, two with a long I and two without, include ARRIVE AT (14A. Reach), MODEL PLANE (29D. Small replica of the Spirit of St. Louis, e.g.), ORGAN MUSIC (3D. Hymn accompaniment), and RELIANCE (63A. Faith).
Mid-size -- AGENTS (64A. Insurance sellers); AGREED (16A. Shook hands on); ALUMNA (32A. Bryn Mawr graduate); GLUE ON (44A. Attach with Elmer’s); INLAND (62A. Exam given face-to-face); JOINTS (8A. Wright, elbow and ankle); O GAUGE (9D. Track choice for Lionel trains); PLAINT (46D. Lament), STIPEND (7D. Grad student’s income, often); WAR HERO (43D. Purple Heart recipient).
Five-letter -- ARIES (2D. First sign of the zodiac); AURAE (34D. Saintly glows); CSPAN (48D. Network showing Capitol Hill); ETHEL (53D. Jazzy Waters); ID TAG (25D. Dangler on a dog chain); KOALA (50D. Australian eucalyptus eater); MASTS (1D. Sail holders); RECON (5D. Military info-gathering); 52D. Rolls-ROYCE (car); SEVER (49D. Cut off); SHUSH (21D. “Be quiet!”); TAHOE (6D. Sierra Nevada resort lake); YAPAT (38D. Talk to persistently and with a big mouth).
There are two references for St. Patrick’s Day, IRISH (10D. Like many St. Patrick‘s Day celebrants) and 41A. “ERIN go bragh!”; and two references to Frank Sinatra wives, AVA Gardner, Mrs. Sinatra #2 and MIA Farrow, Mrs. Sinatra #3, MIA joining a small parade of look-alikes, e.g., MAI, MAO, MIA, MOI, along with ABA and AVA. Other short stuff -- ALOT, ARTS, AWES, COAT, CRUD, DAYO, DST, EDS, EEL, IDLE, ILLY, IMS, JAM, KING, LDL, LIRA, LUNG, MDS, NETS, NIL, NUDE, OMEN, OOPS, ORAL, PAPA, PRE, RAW, SAC, SDI, STEN, SSN, TEAR and TEAS, THEO, USSR.
Here’s a really long I…
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. China’s ___ Zedong; 4. ___ and sciences; 17. *Fraternity with a sweetheart of a song; 18. *Drink that often comes with an umbrella; 19. Afternoon socials; 20. “My bad!”; 22. Cold war foe, for short; 23. Info on a W-2 form: Abbr.; 24. *Like some socks; 26. “Après ___ le déluge”; 28. Ready for skinny-dipping; 29. Rx signers; 35. Cause of a clock change twice a yr.; 36. Paint layer; 37. *Smart aleck; 39. *Salon supply in a bottle; 42. Cold and blustery; 45. Cul-de-___; 46. “___ Was a Rollin’ Stone”; 47. “Bad” cholesterol, for short; 48. *Good picnic forecast); 51. Opposite of post-; 54. “The Simpsons” girl; 56. Lt. Kojak; 57. Plenty; 58. *Chocolaty ice cream desert; 60. *Second-generation senator from Indiana; 65. Exam given face-to-face; 66. Snaky swimmer. Down: 8. Smucker’s product; 11. Meshes; 12 Rip; 13. U.S. Star Wars program; 15. AOL chitchat; 24. Queen’s mate; 27. Broken mirror, to some; 30. Harry Belafonte catchword; 31. Brit’s W.W. II gun; 32. Fills with wonder; 33. Franc : France :: ___ : Italy; 36. Gunk; 40. Badly; 54. Where inhaled air goes; 55. No longer working; 57. Lawyers’ org.; 59. Bradley and Begley; 61. Zilch.


Dollface said...

One of the easier puzzles I have seen in a while, thanks for the answers!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.