07.01.10 — Over and Under


Thursday, July 1, 2010 — Canada Day

Puzzle by Clive Probert, edited by Will Shortz

The pairs of EGGS over EASY, LONDON under GROUND, ONE over PAR and ONE under PAR, YOU ARE under ARREST and MIND over BODY are the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword, clued as 1A. With 14-Across, breakfast order?, 16A. With 8-Across, world’s oldest subway system?, 34A. With 42-Across, bogey?, 45A. With 42-Across, birdie?, 69A. With 72-Across, motto of a fitness trainer?, and 70A. With 67-Across, dreaded words from a cop.

Other — ADHERENT (23D. Stalwart supporter), DIVIDE UP (21D. Split), DROP OUTS (28D. Classless group?), ELECTION (30D. Run for it), ROAST LAMB (37D. Traditional Easter entrée), SYBARITES (4D. Lovers of luxury).

Mid-size — DECRIED (25A. Condemned), DEEPLY (29A. With fervor), ÉLYSÉE (5D. Parisian palace), GLOWED (8D. Was radiant), NOISOME (49A. Sickening), ORSINO (50D. “Twelfth Night” duke), OTTAWA (19A. Pontiac, for one), PIUS II (59A. 15th-century pontiff who was the only pope to write an autobiography), RATITE (48D. Many an Australian bird), TROTTER (54A. Entry at a hippodrome), UP RIVER (31A. Away from the mouth).

Five-letter — AT SEA (53D. Not like a landlubber), COATI (33a. Raccoon relative), COPRA (43A. Coconut oil source), CRATE (27D. Jalopy), CRIME (39D. Bookstore section), DUCAT (25D. Coin in “The Merchant of Venice”), EPCOT (38D. Florida tourist attraction), EPOCH (26D. Eocene, e.g.), NAURU (52D. Pacific republic), NO WAY (12D. “Keep dreaming!“), ON TAP (10D. Ready), SPIRO (51D. Dick’s partner), TATER (40D. Spud), UDALL (11D. One of a Western political family).

Short stuff — ADS, ALA, AMIE, DNA, EDY, EEG, ETS, GAR, GRAB, GSA, HAW, HDL, IND, ISR, KURT, LEI, MIO, NAN, PAT and PAY, RON and ROT, SIKH (7D. Turban wearer), SNL, TEA, TOO bad!”, TSK, URU, UZI, YAK, ZOO.

Over or under? HERE.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. U.F.O. crew; 15. Romanian “dollars”; 17. Show greed or impatience; 18. Fat-mouth; 20. ___ by Google; 22. “Left!”; 24. Like; 32. Good cholesterol, for short; 47. Winner of the first World Cup: Abbr.; 55. Like some answers; 56. When repeated, it might accompany a finger wag; 58. Longtime TV inits.; 61. Weapon in “The Terminator”; 63. Confidante, say, 68. Actor Moody of “Oliver!”. DOWN: 1. Result of a certain med. Test; 2. Long-nosed fish; 3. Govt. office supplier; 6. What the Mad Hatter pours on the Dormouse to take it up; 9. Balderdash; 13. “CSI” topic, often; 35. Tandoori-baked bread; 57. Mathematician Gödel; 59. Subject of union negotiations; 60. Neighbor of Syr.; 62. Morning ___ (radio format); 64. Puccini’s “O ___ babbino caro”; 65. Neighbor of Ill.; 66. Joseph who co-founded an ice cream company.

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