12.10.11 — The Saturday Crossword

New York Skyline, 1934, Reginald Marsh


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Puzzle by Corey Rubin / Edited by Will Shortz

Far-fetched cluing and dull answers dominate this obnoxious Saturday crossword.

Across 1. Ones really attached to their surroundings, LEGOMEN; 8. Features of some crooked enterprises, MOB TIES; 15. Wine whose name means “fragrant”, OLOROSO; 16. “Isn’t that obvious?!”, YA’ THINK; 17. Fight big-time, WAGE WAR; 18. Cutting crime?, TRUANCY; 19. Company in 2002 headlines, ENRON; 20. Practices, MORES; 22. Step on the scale, SOL; 23. GPS calculations: Abbr., RTES; 24. Like much revenue, TAXED; 25. “Rugrats” mom, DIDI; 26. Syllable-saving poetic word, ERE; 27. Title relative in a classic Russian play, VANYA; 28. Up, RISEN; 29. Popinjays, DANDIES; 31. Royal Shakespeare Company’s work, THEATRE; 33. Like Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 2, IN B; 34. Make an exception?, BAN; 35. The Model T was designed to run on it, ETHANOL; 39. Tarzan, the Ape Man” star, 1981, BO DEREK; 43. Fisher with an eponymous concert hall, AVERY; 44. One to 17-Across with, ENEMY; 46. Syllable-saving poetic word, OER; 47. Quick, SPRY; 48. Domino’s delivery?, R AND B; 49. Year Otto I became king of the Lombards, CMLI; 50. Title for 27-Across, in Toledo, TIO; 51. Rooted, BASED; 52. Old TV lineup, DIALS; 53. He played Sgt. Donny Donowitz in “Inglourious Basterds”, ELI ROTH; 55. Noticeably peeved, IN A SNIT; 57. Optimistic, ROSEATE; 58. Famous pop flop, NEW COKE; 59. Whitefish Island’s river, ST MARYS; 60. Place for a range fire, GAS OVEN.

Down — 1. Like sale prices, LOWERED; 2. Civic or Corolla competitor, ELANTRA; 3. Start recycling, say, GO GREEN; 4. They come in a Triple Double variety, OREOS; 5. Like fairways, MOWN; 6. Cuban pronoun, ESA; 7. 11th-century invaders, NORMANS; 8. Welcome words when a check arrives, MY TREAT; 9. Like a trireme, OARED; 10. Furnace meas., BTUS; 11. Article in many a hip-hop title, THA; 12. Follow-up to 8-Down, often, I INSIST; 13. Spy, at times, ENCODER; 14. Manhattan has a prominent one, SKYLINE; 21. Moronic beginning?, OXY; 24. Cardio workout option, TAE BO; 25. Actress Kruger of “Unknown”, DIANE; 27. Cousin of film, VINNY; 28. Prime, READY; 30. Frank account, DIARY; 32. U.S.S.R.’s Big Ivan, e.g., H BOMB; 35. Rabbit seasons?, EASTERS; 36. Series starter, TV PILOT; 37. One reason to get a cross, HEROISM; 38. Restraints, LEASHES; 39. Straw in a stable, BEDDING; 40. Nicholas II, e.g., ROMANOV; 41. Hard to get a grip on, EEL-LIKE; 42. “Veronica Mars” star Bell, KRISTEN; 45. Lima-to-Caracas dir., NNE; 48. Squalid, RATTY; 49. “Welcome to the human network” sloganeer, CISCO; 51. Certain badger or raccoon, BOAR; 52. Crows’ kin, DAWS; 54. Actor Stephen, REA; 56. Granting grp., NEA.


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