12.21.12 — Calendar Daze

Friday, December 21, 2012
Puzzle by Zoe Wheeler / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. The 500s, in the Dewey Decimal Classification: Abbr., SCI; 4. Bars, ESTOPS; 10. Secretary of war under Theodore Roosevelt, TAFT; 14. Not be underdressed?, GO COMMANDO; 16. Polish border river, ODRA; 17. Winner of nine 2011 Tonys, THE BOOK OF MORMON; 19. Payoffs, SOPS; 20. Figure in a celebrated 2004 breakup, KEN; 21. Off, ERRING; 22. Stravinsky’s “Le SACRE du Printemps”; 24. Corrodes, EATS INTO; 26. Minimally, AT LEAST; 28. Specialized in fiction, say, LIED; 29. Title girl in a John Cougar #1 hit, DIANE; 30. Female Arabic name meaning “peace”, SALMA; 32. “MRS Fitz,” old comic strip started by Mort Walker; 35. Director Thomas H. INCE of the silent era; 36. Ring with a face attached?, SKYPE; 37. Crossjack, e.g., SAIL; 38. AGE-specific; 39. One-ACTER; 40. “Twin Peaks” actor Jack NANCE; 41. Some hotels, for short, SROS; 42. Hans Christian OERSTED, pioneer of electromagnetism; 44. Everything, THE WORKS; 48. Program blocker, V-CHIP; 49. Antique dealer’s transaction, RESALE; 50. Guadeloupe, par exemple, ILE; 52. Suffix with method, ICAL; 54. American diner favorite, APPLE PIE À LA MODE; 57. 61-Across affliction, STYE; 58. Fad of 2010-11, ANGRY BIRDS; 59. “Bonanza” brother, HOSS; 60. “Who DOESN’T?”; 61. See 57-Across, EYE.
Down — 1. Some officers: Abr., SGTS; 2. Working like Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, say, CO-HOSTING; 3. F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, with “The” ICE PALACE; 4. Music genre, EMO; 5. Beats decisively, in slang, SMOKERS; 6. Bit of filming, TAKE; 7. Two-ON-ONE; 8. Certain e-mail attachment, PDF; 9. “Whenever”, SOMETIME; 10. R-rated or higher, say, TORRID; 11. Frequenter of Web forums: Abbr., ADMIN; 12. False personality, FRONT; 13. “Romance de Barrio,” e.g., TANGO; 15. X-rated, OBSCENE; 18. By land OR SEA; 23. Singer Corinne Bailey RAE; 25. Gridiron star, ALL PRO; 26. 1998 hit that begins “ADIA, I do believe failed you”; 27. “You shouldn’t have done that”, TSK TSK; 31. Word often uttered with a salute, AYE; 32. Legendary creature similar to the Sphinx, MANTICORE; 33. Certain irrigated cropland, RICE PADDY; 34. Go downhill fast?, SLED; 36. Bridge need, SCORE PAD; 37. Fresh fish dish, SASHIMI; 39. Play A ROLE in; 40. Atomic energy org., NRC; 41. Marshy tracts, SWALES; 43. Crabtree & EVELYN, retailer of body products; 44. Lay waste to, TRASH; 45. Up on, HEP TO; 46. Annual athletes’ awards, ESPYS; 47. Long bout, SIEGE; 51. “LARS and the Real Girl” (2007 Ryan Gosling film); 53. LÈSE-majesté; 55. Sea goddess who saved Odysseus, INO; 56. U.S. dance grp., ABT.


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