12.28.12 — The Tell-Tale Puzzle

“The Tell-Tale Heart” Illustration by Harry Clarke, 1919
Friday, December 28, 2012
Puzzle by Ashton Anderson / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Opinion add-on, JUST SAYIN‘; 10. It can go from liquid to frozen, ASSET; 15. Taqueria treat, ENCHILADA; 16. Critter with humanlike fingerprints, KOALA; 17. Natalie Portman’s birthplace, JERUSALEM; 18. It gets a chick’s attention, CLUCK; 19. Where R.F.K. and his brother Teddy went to law school, UVA; 20. 10/15, e.g., IDES; 22. Really long, ACHE; 23. Trendsetting, NEW WAVE; 27. Steps on a scale, DEGREES; 29. Intertangle, ENLACE; 30. Sabre ou pistolet, ARME; 31. Square for a roll, PAT; 32. With 46-Down, a bit below so-so, NOT; 33. Flipping out, GOING APE; 35. Opening pitch, SPIEL; 38. Many an ascot wearer, FOP; 39. It’s a gas, XENON; 40. One coming from Mars?, CANDY BAR; 42. Apt rhyme for 26-Down, PET; 43. Letters for a princess, HRH; 44. Cry that’s often sung, TADA; 45. Complimentary, GRATIS; 49. Unworldliness, NAIVETE; 51. Flimflam, FAST ONE; 52. “ … AND I can’t get up!”; 53. “A failure of imagination,” per Graham Greene, HATE; 55. Part of 10/15: Abbr., OCT; 56. Factor in a beauty contest, POISE; 58. Wowed basketball announcer’s cry, WHAT A SHOT; 62. Old car with ignition trouble?, PINTO; 63. Spitfire landing locale, AERODROME; 64. “Pale Blue Dot” author, SAGAN; 65. Snide reply to being given a chore, YES MASTER.
Down — 1. Dull, JEJUNE; 2. Like bars that are often near horses, UNEVEN; 3. Impenetrable script, SCRAWL; 4. Night to watch “The Office”: Abbr., THU; 5. Family moniker, SIS; 6. Like, A LA; 7. Clinton, Bush or Cheney, YALIE; 8. Like many perps in lineups, IDED; 9. Try to impress by association, NAME-DROP; 10. Dog show org., AKC; 11. Like panels on some racecars, SOLAR; 12. It’s handled on the range, SAUCEPAN; 13. Tightwad, EL CHEAPO; 14. Chills briefly, TAKES TEN; 21. Pro beginner?, SEMI; 24. Dropped off, WANED; 25. Assistant, ACOLYTE; 26. Cur curer, VET; 28. Most Atari-playing kids, GEN-XERS; 30. Ancient meeting place, AGORA; 34. Intimate, GET AT; 35. Brandy alternative, SCHNAPPS; 36. Theme of “The Tell-Tale Heart”, PARANOIA; 37. Holed up, IN HIDING; 38. Hard-to-block jumper, in hoops, FADEAWAY; 41. Smallish room, BATH; 42. Grp. Interested in long drives, PGA; 46. See 32-Across, TOO HOT; 47. Form 1040 info, INCOME; 48. Certain volleyball player, SETTER; 50. Prospect, VISTA; 51. Quaker makers?, FEARS; 54. Quaker pronoun, THEE; 57. Long time, EON; 59. Twain boy, TOM; 60. Listerine bottle abbr., ADA; 61. Educ. Higher-ups?, SRS.

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