12.01.12 — The First of December

Tiresias appears to Odysseus by Johann Heinrich Füssli, c. 1780-85
Saturday, December 1, 2012
Puzzle by Joon Pahk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. What many a character in “The Iceman Cometh” expresses, PIPE DREAM; 10. Part of a Spanish forest, ARBOL; 15. 1997 voice role for Meg Ryan, ANASTASIA; 16. It’s in front of a benched player, PIANO; 17. It may be replaced by a dash, CURSE WORD; 18. Corny fare?, PONES; 19. Second-largest moon in the solar system, TITAN; 20. Month before Tishri, ELUL; 223. Astronomer’s calculation: Abbr., GST; 23. Lab directive?, STAY; 24. Desert gullies, WADIS; 28. Letter after Oscar, PAPA; 27. The dark side, YIN; 28. Happens to, BEFALLS; 30. Italian almond cookies, AMARETTI; 35. Put more layers on, RECOAT; 36. Tremendously, SOMETHING FIERCE; 38. Where blackbirds may be baked?, IN A PIE; 39. Poses a bomb threat?, GOES DEEP; 40. Emulated Tiresias, FORESAW; 42. Realize, NET; 43. Texter’s “bye now”, TTYL; 44. All SIZES (store sign); 46. “Every saint has a PAST”: Oscar Wilde; 50. Magic, on scoreboards, ORL; 51. Subject of King Deioces, MEDE; 52. Eponymous container, DEWAR; 53. National Voting Rights Museum locale, SELMA; 55. Virginia v. Sebelius subject, in headlines, OBAMACARE; 58. Accord, AMITY; 59. Prominently demonstrated, WRIT LARGE; 60. Binary, in a way, YES NO; 61. 1999 Best Director winner, SAM MENDES, e.g., “American Beauty“.
Down — 1. Accords, PACTS; 2. Certain harpooner, INUIT; 3. First section, PART A; 4. Locke work, ESSAY; 5. Decahedron-shaped die, to a gamer, D-TEN; 56. Still green, or still red, RAW; 7. That, in Toledo, ESO; 8. Ran, AIRED; 9. Fill-in-the-blank story, MAD LIB; 10. Washer, e.g.: Abbr., APPL; 11. 2014 World Cup locale, for short, RIO; 12. India’s so-called “Garden City”, BANGALORE; 13. It’s beside the point, ONE’S PLACE; 14. Got older and slower. LOST A STEP; 21. Paywall charges, USER FEES; 24. Effortlessly, WITH EASE; 25. Like con men?, ANTI; 26. Betrayed anxiety, say, PACED; 27. Beasts of the East, YETIS; 29. “1234” singer, 2007, FEIST; 30. Seemingly expressing, AS IF TO SAY; 31. Egg-laying mammal, MONOTREME; 32. Belladonna lily, AMARYLLIS; 33. What like charges do, REPEL; 34. Dutch financial giant, ING; 37. No longer to be found, GONE; 41. WIDOW’S walk (old house feature); 45. “I finally got around to reading the dictionary. Turns out the ZEBRA did it”: Steven Wright; 46. Tough nut to crack, PECAN; 47. Court determination, AWARD; 48. Certain noncom, SARGE; 49. They may be clear-cut, TREES; 51. Bread spread, MAYO; 52. Lowland, DALE; 54. High point: Abbr., MTN; 58. Direct, AIM; 57. “Hill Street Blues” production co., MTM.

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