12.15.12 — The Saturday Crossword

Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Puzzle by Will Nediger / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Java application?, HALF AND HALF; 12. E-mails a dupe, CCS; 15. Swearing-in figure, INAUGURATOR; 16. Onetime giant in decking, ALI; 17. Raphael, e.g., NINJA TURTLE; 18. It may have no stars, PAN; 19. Film producer DODI Fayed; 20. Birthplace of the phonograph, MENLO PARK; 22. Ruling group, INS; 23. Heads across the pond, WCS; 25. Standing by, ON ICE; 26. Cold front?, CEE; 27. Gran Paradiso, e.g., ALP; 29. Prepares to be discharged, AIMS; 31. It goes over the tongue, SHOELACE; 34. Guitar-spinning group, ZZ TOP; 35. City of a quarter million founded on a ranch site, CHANDLER ARIZONA; 37. HISSY fit; 38. Shred, RIP APART; 39. Prefix with Germanic, INDO; 40. Three-sided carrier, HOD; 41. Peak periods, UPS; 42. Piña colada topping?, TILDE; 44. Web site crasher?, FLY; 48. Specifically, TO BE EXACT; 51. Composer ELIE Siegmeister; 52. Greetings, HIS; 53. Bit of ancient art, CAVE DRAWING; 56. OSO polar (animal del Artico); 57. Singer who founded Righteous Babe Records, ANI DIFRANCO; 58. Victor over H.H.H., RMN; 59. It competed with Mail Boxes Etc., FEDEX KINKOS.

Down — 1. Origin of the word, “cheetah”, HINDI; 2 F-, for one, ANION; 3. Secures, LANDS; 4. It blew in 1707, FUJI; 5. Ottoman dignitary, AGA; 6. Real fan, NUT; 7. Makeup of some kits, DRUMS; 8. Storied slacker, HARE; 9. Routing abbr., ATTN; 10. Move with bobbing motion, LOLLOP; 11. Common cooler, FREON; 12. Charge storer, CAPACITOR; 13. Home of Pomona College, CLAREMONT; 14. Settle, SINK; 21. Big squares, PIAZZAS; 23. Overgrown, say, WEEDY; 24. Mobile, CELL; 26. Wii, for one, CONSOLE; 27. Nose-burning, ACRID; 28. One may be taken in faith, LEAP; 30. Facial site, SPA; 31. Its central deity is Amaterasu, SHINTOISM; 32. Claims, HAS DIBS ON; 33. Like sports cars, briefly, AERO; 34. Full of energy, ZIPPY; 35. Eastern energy, CHI; 36. 1980s Argentine president RAUL Alfonsin; 40. Hydrocarbon in gasoline, HEXANE; 43. 1-Across may be added to it, DECAF; 44. Neighbor of McGuire A.F.B., FT DIX; 45. Can, CLINK; 46. A third of quince, CINCO; 47. Toy snappers, LEGOS; 48. Dweller in the hall Bilskimir, THOR; 49. Like a 6-Down, AVID; 50. Turn over, CEDE; 51. Actor EWAN McGregor; 54. N.Y.C.’S RFK Bridge; 55. Talent agent, ARI Emanuel.


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