12.13.12 — IO

IO moon of Jupiter by NASA spacecraft Galileo,
showing a dark spot produced by a major eruption at Pillan Patera in 1997
Thursday, December 13, 2012
Puzzle by Sam Ezersky / Edited by Will Shortz
Singsong voice, Ping-pong table, King Kong Lives and Ding-Dong Ditch crossing write/wrote, go in/go on, Rhine/Rhone and mite/mote, with I and O appearing together in four squares, constitutes the interrelated group of this clever Thursday crossword:
  • S[I/O]NG VOICE (3D: Insincere-sounding speaking style) with WR[I/O]TE (14A. Put to paper)
  • P[I/O]NG TABLE (16A: Feature of many a rec room) with GO [I/O]N (7D. Proceed, say)
  • "K[I/O]NG LIVES" (61A: 1986 film sequel Razzie-nominated for Worst Visual Effects) with RH[I/O]NE (52D. Major European river)
  • D[I/O]NG DITCH (34D: Kids' doorbell-ringing prank) with M[I/O]TE (41A. Teensy bit)
Argus Panoptes Guarding the Heifer (Io), Red Figure pitcher, c. 460 BC, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Other— ART ROOM, ATARIS, CLOSE CUT, DELIVER, ENBLOC, GO WIDE, INERT GAS (38D. It‘s hard to get a reaction out of it), LEGS IT, NON-LEGAL, NO SECRET, ORBITZ (58A. Big name in travel), PLURALS, SHUT AWAY, SPACE JAM (10D. 1996 live-action/animated comedy), TEGRIN (20A. Discontinued brand of antidandruff shampoo), TIN EARS.
Five-letter — ALTHO, AM NOT, ANNAL, ASK OF, EVENS, No One’s ILLER“, LA RAM, LIBRA, LOCAL and NOCAL, MADAM Chair, MAVIS, MEETS, MENLO Park, RAN UP, SCHWA, SIG EP (44A. College frat with the greatest number of chapter houses), SO SAD, TEN AM, TUNED, TURIN.
Short stuff— ATRA, AVI, CAFÉ, DINO, EGAL, EKG, ESP, ESSO, FEDS, FOCI, LVOV (26D. Ukranian city, once), MEAL, NRA, ONE A, ORNE, PILE, PAGO (32D. When doubled, a Pacific capital), SLIM, SOME, SOO Canals, SWAT, TAJ Mahal, THAW, UNAS, “VIVO per lei“, YENS, ZOLA.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Lament after a loss, maybe; 6. Like un + quatre vis-à-vis deus + trois; 10. Reduce; 15. Partly; 16. Accumulation; 17. Historical record; 22. Something generally known; 23. Andrea Bocelli’s “VIVO per lei”; 24. Hearing problems; 25. Like a buzz, say; 30. Bird: Prefix; 31. Quickly accumulated; 37. What an ellipse’s major axis passes through; 39. Bygone N.F.L.’er; 42. Smooths; 46. Org. with lots of big shots?; 47. Heart reading, briefly; 49. Not law-related; 51. Studio; 56. Ilsa in “Casablanca”; 56. Quarantine; 63. Howe’er; 64. Prime window seat; 65. T. Rex, e.g.; 66. One who knows the neighborhood; 67. Regulatory group; 68. Canadian roadside sign; 69. Agenda’s beginning or end. — DOWN: 1. Kind of team; 2. Department where Camembert cheese is made; 4. Classic consoles; 5. Stand’s partner; 6. Special sight?; 7. Proceed, say; 8. Cry preceding “Are too!”; 9. Walks; 11. Only astrological sign with an inanimate symbol; 12. No One’s ___” (Eminem rap); 13. Sports events; 19. Late breakfast time, maybe; 21. For dieters; 25. Establishment that may display a chalk board; 27. Some: Sp.; 28. 2006 Winter Olympics city; 35. Razor brand; 36. Grace period?; 38.___ Park, Calif.; 43. Toaster’s output?; 45. Dollars and cents, e.g.; 48. Attempt to get a mass audience; 50. All together; 51. Want from; 53. Sounding good, say; 54. One of the Staple singers; 57. Aches (for); 59. Antifreeze?; 60. Novelist who was a childhood friend of Cézanne.


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