12.24.12 — The Monday Crossword

Monday, December 24, 2012 — Christmas Eve
Puzzle by Michael Sharp / Edited by Will Shortz

STALE COFFEE (17A. Yesterday’s joe), STEEL WOOL (24A. Scouring pad material), STYLE POINTS (35A. Bonus for showing panache), STOLE HOME (47A. What Jackie Robinson did famously, in the first game of the 1955 World Series) and STOOL PIGEON (55A. Informant) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Other — AREAS, AT MOST, BEFIT, BY-LINES (31A. Credits over newspaper stories), DAY ONE, DULUTH, EDSELS, ELANDS, ELOPED, The EMPIRE State, ETHELS, EYEING, GATEAU, Not a dry eye in the HOUSE, LASSES, LLANOS, MAI TAI, MEOWS, NESTEA and NOSTRA, PATENTS (42A. Protections for inventors), PSALMS, SALOON, SILAS Marner, SPAMBOTS (3D. Automated in-box cloggers), STRIDENT (37D. Loudly critical), TIP-TOE, TOP GUN, TWISTS, “What happens in VEGAS …”.
Short stuff — ADA, Rite AID, AMPS, AMT, AGE and APE and AVE, BOAT, DDT, EAVE, EBRO, “ …ERE I saw Elba“, ESSO, FGS, I DO, JABS, JIG, LES, LOG, LPS, MSU, NSA, OAF and OAK, OAST, ODE, OPEN, PILE, RUG, SECT, STE and STN and STY, TEE, THAW, THU, TOTE, VIBE, YUKS (64A. Big laughs).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Irish girls; 7. Yacht, e.g.; 11. Thérèse, for one: Abbr.; 14. The ___ State (New York); 15. Roof extension; 16. Rite ___ (drugstore); 19. 33 1/3 r.p.m. discs; 20. Cocktail with an umbrella; 21. Popular PBS pledge drive giveaway; 22. Quick punches; 28. Enthusiastic response to “Who wants cookies?”; 29. Banned insecticide; 32. Cake: Fr.; 34. Regions; 39. Cosa ___; 45. They’re worth half of TDs; 46. Floor cover; 49. Feeling, slangily; 50. Concert stage equipment; 51. Had an in-flight wedding?; 54. Captain’s journal; 60. East Lansing sch.; 61. Unfreeze; 62. Savanna grazers; 63. RR stop; 65. Snapple rival. — DOWN: 1. “___ Misérables”; 2. Tsp. or tbsp.; 6. Splinter group; 7. Prove suitable for; 8. Galoot; 9. “___ Maria”; 10. Golf ball raiser; 11. Swinging-door establishment; 12. Walk very, very quietly; 13. 1950s Ford duds; 18. Brewing oven; 21. Dances à la Chubby Checker, say; 22. Lively Irish dance; 23. Nabokov novel; 25. Spain’s longest river; 26. Scrutinizing; 27. South American plains; 29. The beginning; 30. Minnesota city that shares a harbor with Superior, Wis.; 33. Barrymore and Kennedy; 34. Galoot; 36. Place to fill up in Canada; 40. Massage; 41. Ice, Iron or Bronze follower; 42. Source of “The Lord is my shepherd …”; 43. No more than; 44. 1986 Tom Cruise blockbuster; 45. Tumbled; 48. Cat calls; 52. Tournament that takes all comers; 53. Heap; 55. Filthy digs; 56. Wed. follower; 57. Acorn bearer; 58. Keats dedicated one to a nightingale; 59. Secretive org.


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