12.07.12 — Ripped

Friday, December 7, 2012
Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Wendy’s creator, J M BARRIE; 9. Crackers, PSYCHO; 15. 2004 #1 hit for Fantasia, ‘I BELIEVE”; 16. Animal whose name comes from Nahuati, OCELOT; 17. Metal worker, BALL-PEEN; 18. Baffle, THWART; 19. Get at, IMPLY; 20. Colore ufficiale of the Italian football team, BLU; 21. Big Chinese import?, YAO; 22. Virginia Tech team, HOKIES; 24. Senate majority leader before Reid, FRIST; 26. Erect, ON END; 27. Something lame, in modern slang, WEAK SAUCE; 31. Head of Québec, TÊTE; 32. What’s generally spotted early on?, CHICKENPOX; 33. Sound trademark of 20th Century Fox, DOH; 34. Put one over on, PRANKED; 35. Stylish sort, FOP; 36. Requiring no effort to take, ON A PLATTER; 38. Routine part, JOKE; 39. Sees red say, GETS UPSET; 40. Eager as heck, RARIN’; 41. Mideast political dynasty name, ASSAD; 42. Doggone, DANGED; 43. “You got the spot”, AHH; 46. Short, SHY; 47. ‘S.N.L.” comic Bill HADER; 48. “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)” rapper, COOLIO; 50. Sierra Nevada competitor, SAM ADAMS; 53. Request to be excused, MAY I GO; 54. “Dancing Machine” dance, THE ROBOT; 55. Gamut, EXTENT; 56. Forwards, PASSES ON.
Down — 1. Schooner part, JIB; 2. Many a Wall St. holding, MBA; 3. “I can’t help it if you’re a jerk”, BE LIKE THAT; 4. “Hands off!”, ALL MINE; 5. Muscular-looking, in slang, RIPPED; 6. Some Hollywood archives, REELS; 7. Phil of poker fame, IVEY; 8. “Horatio, thou art EEN as just a man …”: Hamlet; 9. Broth left after boiling greens, in the South, POT LIKKER; 10. Went downhill fast, SCHUSSED; 11. Tree that symbolizes immortality, YEW; 12. Potter’s supply, CLAY; 13. Bar mitzvah highlight, HORA; 14. Springfield Elementary employee, OTTO; 20. Tournament part, BRACKET; 22. “Yippee!”; HOT DOG; 23. Date on New Year’s Day, ONE ONE; 24. Faked, FEINTED; 25. Khakilike, TAN; 27. “How about this …?”, WHAT SAY; 28. Freely contestable, UP FOR GRABS; 29. One might mark a shopping cart’s contents, COOKIE; 30. Pay out, EXPEND; 32. Gamble, CRAP SHOOT; 34. Ion indicator, PLUS SIGN; 37. Nonproduct ad, for short, PSA; 38. Miss in court?, JANE DOE; 40. Some highway patrol equipment, RADARS; 42. Skirts, DAMES; 43. Ne plus ultra, ACME; 44. Put one over on, HOAX; 45. First or last name in the Baseball Hall of Fame, HOYT; 47. “Funny!”, HA HA; 49. Sprawl, say, LIE; 50. Longtime sponsor of racing’s #43 car, STP; 51. Field call, MOO; 52. Union, e.g.: Abbr., STN.
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