12.08.12 — Saturday Scenario

A drawing of Jules Verne on the sea floor with fantastic sea creatures. Legend : "Gathering from the best sources authentic information about underwater world". Cover of "L'Algerie" Magazine, 15 June 1884
Saturday, December 8, 2012
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

This strenuous Saturday crossword covers a wide scenario of subjects:
Across — 1. A flat alternative, G SHARP; 7. Like some alibis and stomachs, CAST-IRON; 15. Green wheels, ECOCAR; 16. Oscar-nominated player of Sonny Wortzik, AL PACINO; 17. Salsa brand, ORTEGA; 18. Telephone connectors, TIELINES; 19. One for the team?, RAH; 20. Better, ENHANCE; 22. Fig. on some applications, GPA; 23. 1935 Cagney crime film, G-MEN; 25. Rich sources of vitamin K, KALES; 26. Diamond with many cuts, NEIL; 27. “Use ta Be My Girl” group, with “the” O’JAYS; 29. They’re crunchable: Abbr., NOS; 30. Seminal name in science fiction, VERNE; 31. Mr. Pricklepants in “Toy Story 3,” e.g., HEDGEHOG; 33. How many are chosen?, FEW; 34. Pentateuch peak, MT SINAI; 35. Least legitimate, FALSEST; 39. Rich or poor: Abbr., ADJ; 40. Its members are in order, SEQUENCE; 41. Toolbar lineup, ICONS; 44. Going rate?: Abbr., VEL; 45. Deadening device, MUTER; 46. Experience ecdysis, MOLT; 47. One of the Jonas brothers, KEVIN; 49. “Dracula” heroine Harker, MINA; 50. Series after the opener?, BCD; 51. Wings, ANNEXES; 53. Unpleasant sound in nature, CAW; 54. Woman who’s hard to reach, ICE QUEEN; 56. Seat of New York’s Chemung County, ELMIRA; 58. Part of many a detour, BYSTREET; 59. “Fudge!”, DARN IT; 60. Like some martinis, EXTRA DRY; 61. Beer hall turn-on?, SPIGOT.
Down — 1. German resistance leader?, GEORG OHM; 2. Boeing X-51 engine, e.g., SCRAMJET; 3. They snap easily, HOTHEADS; 4. One in play?, ACE; 5. Frequent feeling for 3-Down, RAGE; 6. Shoe-lacing, e.g., PRANK; 7. Made-to-order item?, CATALOG; 8. Wear with flares, A-LINES; 9. Processor speed, hard disk space, etc., SPECS; 10. It’s often handed down, TALE; 11. Where you may be in France, ICI; 12. Player who’s way too good, say, RINGER; 13. Part of a lane arrangement, ONE PIN; 14. Deal-killing declaration, NO SALE; 21. Bank of HANOI (institution the A-Team was jailed for robbing); 24. Big Blue member, for short, NY GIANT; 26. Washington attraction with a punny name, NEWSEUM; 28. Radios, e.g., SENDS; 30. Soft palate, VELUM; 32. Fifth pillar of Islam, HAJ; 33. Newbie’s resource, FAQ; 35. Cartoon character that was one of the first images transmitted on TV, FELIX; 36. Like sirens, ENTICING; 37. Novel creation, SCENARIO; 38. A whole lot of juice?, TERAWATT; 40. Ytterbium’s atomic number, SEVENTY; 41. Tipple, IMBIBE; 42. Sacrum neighbor, COCCYX; 43. Senior, OLDEST; 44. Front, VENEER; 47. Hit below the belt, KNEED; 48. Calls for, NEEDS; 51. Mystique, AURA; 52. “How dare you!” accompanier, SLAP; 55. One ends on Sept. 30, QTR; 57. Anatomy test, briefly?, MRI.


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