02.04.13 — Above It All

Monday, February 4, 2013
Puzzle by Randall J. Hartman / Edited by Will Shortz

Body parts and atmosphere combine to form EYES IN THE SKY (20A. Overhead security devices), HEAD IN THE CLOUDS (37A. Lack of contact with reality) and NOSE IN THE AIR (52A. Sign of haughtiness) in this breezy Monday crossword.
Other — CAMERAMEN (8D. Film set workers); Sarah CONNOR, “The Terminator” heroine; I’M OKAY (44D. “No harm, no foul”), JANE EYRE (30A. Brontë heroine who was a governess); KNUTE / ROCKNE (48D. With 9-Down, Notre Dame coaching legend), PATTON (45D.General played by George C. Scott), STRATEGIC (35D. The “S” in SALT); TRINIDAD (43A. Tobago‘s island neighbor).
Five letter — AIDES, AMBER, Make A NOTE of, AORTA, BRIDE, BROOK (55A. Babbling stream), CARAT, Miley CYRUS, EBONY, HENRI Matisse, I M PEI (21D. Louvre Pyramid architect), JIHAD, LIBYA, LOATH, MOSSY, NODES, OBAMA, ON SET, PRESS, RAN IN, RECUR, SEDAN, “What thou SEEST, write in a book”, SLEEP, SONIC boom, “THAT’S all she wrote!”, THREE, ZAIRE.

Ignatz hurls a brick at Krazy Kat, who misinterprets it as an expression of love.

Short stuff — “ANNA Karenina“, BAM, BRIE, CAEN, CALC, CAR, CBS, EBAY, EBBS, EWOK, GLUT, ILSA Lund, That IS TO say, “Krazy KAT”, KEDS, LEAH, LIMA, MET, MOE, NOAM Chomsky, Have-NOTS, ONE A, ORAN, ORES and ORS, PAR and PAY, PASS, RAT (13D. Singer who doesn‘t want a hit?), RON and ROO, SIMI, SIN, SLAP, SPR, UMA Thurman, WIDE, ZAP.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Response to an affront; 5. Advanced math class, for short; 9. Happen again; 14. Peru’s capital; 15. Prime draft status; 16. One of only two presidents with two Ivy League degrees; 17. Flows back; 18. Linguist Chomsky; 19. Gem weight unit; 23. 2, 3 or 4, usually, in miniature golf; 24. A Stooge; 25. Republican politico ___ Paul; 26. Scott Pelley’s network; 29. Winter follower: Abbr.; 32. Number of Stooges; 35. ___ Valley, Calif.; 36. Cheese at a cocktail party; 37. Lack of contact with reality; 40. Tolstoy’s “___ Karenina”; 41. Algerian port; 42. Commencement; 45. Salary; 46. Topic in a confessional; 47. New York baseball; 49. Hit with a ray gun; 58. Overabundance; 59. Broad; 60. Crucial artery; 62. Metals from lodes; 63. Like the north sides of some trees; 64. Battle of Normandy city; 65. Sneaker brand. — DOWN: 1. Hamlet’s word before “perchance to dream”; 3. Fossilized tree resin; 4. Get any grade above an F; 7. Sister of Rachel, in the Bible; 10. Self-described “World’s Online Marketplace”; 11. It’s parked in a garage; 12. Actress Thurman; 13. Singer who doesn’t want a hit?; 26. Miley of “Hannah Montana”; 27. Groom’s partner; 28. “What thou ___, write in a book”: Revelation; 29. Family 11-Down; 30. Islamic holy war; 31. Black piano key material; 33. Painter Matisse; 34. Took to the station house; 38. Junctures; 39. Reluctant (to); 44. “No harm, no foul”; 49. Congo, once; 50. Helped; 51. Iron, as clothes; 52. Have-___ (poor people); 53. “Casablanca” character Lund; 54. Furry “Star Wars” creature; 55. “Kapow!”; 56. Little friend of Winnie-the-Pooh; 57. Surgery sites, for short.


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