02.26.13 — Intersections

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz
Road, highway, lane, avenue and street, each found in a line of a song, constitutes the interrelated group of this entertaining Tuesday crossword:
THUNDER ROAD [17A. Where “we can make it if we run,” per Bruce Springsteen (1975)]
VENTURA HIGHWAY [24A. Where “the nights are stronger than moonshine,” per America (1972)]
PENNY LANE [37A. Where “all the people that come and go stop and say hello,” per the Beatles (1967)]
ELECTRIC AVENUE [52A. Where “we gonna rock down to,” per Eddy Grant (1983)]
BAKER STREET [61A. Where “you’ll drink the night away and forget about everything,” per Gerry Rafferty (1978)]

Glass Tears, 1932, Man Ray

Other — ACRYLIC, BARBRA Streisand, BEHAVE, Dom DELUISE, INDIGNANT (10D. Huffy), IN UTERO, MAN RAY (50D. American avant-gardist), OPEN AIR, SAYS YES, SCRAWLS, SLENDER, STEVENS, SUNDAE, THE SHAH, Tennessee TITANS, VEGETABLE (32D. 20 Questions category), YOU’RE ON.
Five-letter — Hank AARON, BOCCI, COATI, DIDN’T, EBONY, ENTER, ESSAY, HELLE, KENAI Peninsula, L-DOPA (66A. Anti-Parkinson‘s prescription), NO LIE, READS, RINSE, SOAVE, STAYS, T-BIRD.
Short stuff — ACE and ASE, CPA, CRO-Magnon man, EARN, EAU, Brian ENO, EPA, ERE, GAS, GOAL, HEAL, HER, HID, KOS, LCD, NAB and NAN, NAVI, NEAP, OAR, RAGA, RAN, RBI, REY, ROT, RVS, SAT, SOS and SRS, TDS, THO, TKTS, VAS deferens, VIM.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Sporty car introduced in ‘55; 6. Italian lawn bowling; 11. Urgent dispatch; 14. Alaska’s ___ Peninsula; 15. Hank with the retired #44; 16. Tax season busy bee, for short; 19. Spanish king; 20. Grabbed a chair; 21. Take captive; 28. Before, to Kipling; 29. Pass perfectly; 30. “For real!”; 31. Dry Italian wine; 34. Bit of Indian music; 36. The class of ‘13 in ‘13, e.g.; 40. N.F.L. scores; 43. Finish line; 44. Doesn’t budge; 47. Figure in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts; 49. Pep; 51. Corruption; 56. Dessert that may include a banana; 57. One of the Bobbsey twins; 58. Campers’ campers, for short; 60. Stashed away; 65. “Peer Gynt” widow; 67. Dark wood; 68. “Hannah and ___ Sisters”; 69. Homework assignment; 70. Lightly wash. — 1. Times Square sign shown in lowercase letters; 2. Doesn’t act up; 3. Unborn; 4. Bolted; 5. Failed to; 6. Singer Streisand; 7. Trireme implement; 9. Raccoon relative; 11. Doctors’ signatures, stereotypically; 12. Lacking a roof; 13. Agrees; 18. Liquide clair; 23. Yet, informally; 25. Kind of tide; 26. Plexiglas, e.g.; 27. Recover from a break, say; 33. Musician Brian; 35. Petrol; 38. “Avatar” people; 39. Merit; 40. Overthrown ruler of 1979; 41. Comic actor Dom; 42. Fat’s opposite; 45. “It’s a deal!”; 46. Former Supreme Court justice often seen in a bow tie; 48. Calculator screen abbr.; 53. Enjoys literature; 55. Step inside; 59. Eye irritation; 62. Ring wallops, informally; 63. Org. that monitors oil spills; 64. Baseball stat.


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