02.02.13 — Saturday Shadows

Saturday, February 2, 2013 — Ground Hog Day
Puzzle by Gareth Bain / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. HanesBrands brand, PLAYTEX; 8. Exercise in a pool, DOLAPS; 14. General goal?, VICTORY; 15. Tribe whose name means “those with many tattoos”, ARAPAHO; 17. Feeler, of sorts, TENDRIL; 18. Title under which “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” originally charted, in 1952, WIMOWEH; 19. Name for the T. rex at Chicago’s Field Museum, SUE; 20. 23-Across’s target reader, TEEN; 23. Bygone 22. Chaps, FELLAS; 23. Bygone 20-Across fashion magazine, COSMO GIRL; 25. Musical intensifier, ASSAI; 28. Mythical predator of elephants, ROC; 29. Numerical prefix, OCTA; 33. Stations, STOPS; 34. Highway sections, STRETCHES; 36. Skating gold medalist of 1928, 1932 and 1936, HENIE 37. Figure in a beret, CHE; 38. IRISH Derby, annual sporting event since 1866; 39. Grub sellers, BAIT SHOPS; 41. MENLO Park; 42. Geneva-based org. encouraging healthy living, YMCA; 43. One of 100 in un siglo, ANO; 44. Word appearing 39 times in the King James Version of Matthew 1, BEGAT; 45. Composure, LEVEL HEAD; 49. Genre of the double platinum box set “Songs of Freedom”, REGGAE; 52. One going to court?, EARL; 53. Utmost, NTH; 56. Post, e.g., AVIATOR; 58. Napping, UNAWARE; 60. Job-like, PATIENT; 61. City where Jonah preached, NINEVEH; 62. Cote d’Azur town, CANNES; 63. Nightwear, TEDDIES.

Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed 

Down — 1. E-1s and E-2s, in the Army: Abbr., PVTS; 2. Place, LIEU; 3. High-school spots?, ACNE; 4. Financial statement abbr., YTD; 5. They bite but don’t have teeth, TORTOISES; 6. Great Lakes natives, ERIES; 7. Upward-flowing plant vessels, XYLEM; 8. Black bird, DAW; 9. Pore, e.g., ORIFICE; 10. Popular Debussy piece, LA MER; 11. Fictional boxer a k a The Count of Monte Fisto, APOLLO CREED; 12. Machine part connecting to a gearwheel, PAWL; 13. New York Jets home from 1964 to 1983, SHEA; 16. Quizzical cries, OHS; 21. Top of the charts?, NORTH POLE; 23. Amount of appreciation, maybe, CAPITAL GAIN; 24. Is piercing, GORES; 25. “Shampoo” director, ASHBY; 26. Tick off, STEAM; 27. Sega mascot, SONIC; 30. “I CHING”; 31. Unit of magnetic flux density, TESLA; 32. Have A SHOT at; 34. Latte go-with, SCONE; 35. Hip-hop producer for Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Missy Elliott, TIMBALAND; 40. “Try it!”, HAVE ONE; 46. Not left over, EATEN; 47. Frequent, HAUNT; 48. “Journey to ERNIE” (recurring “Sesame Street” segment); 49. Criticize, RAP; 50. “M*A*S*H” maneuver for short, EVAC; 51. Bhagavad GITA (Hindu scripture); 53. Riders on Direhorses in “Avatar”, NAVI; 54. Certain diagram, TREE; 55. Little chortles, HEHS; 57. Some football linemen: Abbr., RTS; 59. Jump the broom, so to speak, WED.

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