02.13.13 — GED

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Puzzle by Richard and Judith Martin / Edited by Will Shortz
GED (44D. Many a H.S. dropout’s goal … and what’s added to 17-, 25-, 36-, 51- and 60-Across), along with (think The A-Team, bad dog, Jackie Chan, TV tray, and VISA card), THE AGED TEAM, BADGE DOG, JACKIE CHANGED, TV TRAGEDY and VISAGED CARD (clued as Senior softballers, e.g.?; K-9 Corps member?; Former first lady sporting a different outfit?; Small-screen performance of “Hamlet,“ e.g.?; King, queen or jack?) constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.
Other — ERIN and ERROLS (26D. CNN’s Burnett; 29A. CNN’s Barnett and others), NANETTE (57A. Broadway title character who sings “Tea for Two”), NOT ALL THERE (24D. A few bricks short of a load), SPEEDOMETER (11D. Dash component).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Blood bank supplies; 8. Foliage-viewing mo.; 11. Welcome sign for a B’way angel; 14. Dental deposits; 15. P, to Pythagoras; 16. Pricing word; 17. Senior softballers, e.g.?; 19. LAX monitor info; 20. “The Turner Diaries” conflict; 21. ___ Flux (Charlize Theron role); 22. Star in Cygnus; 25. K-9 Corps member?; 27. Gooey camp fare; 30. Counterpart of long.; 31. Had down cold; 35. Descartes’ “sum,” translated; 36. Former first lady sporting a different outfit?; 41. El Al hub city; 42. Tried to win; 43. Make “it”; 45. Greyhound lookalike; 48. Magician’s hiding spot; 51. Small-screen performance of “Hamlet,” e.g.?; 55. Missed the mark; 56. Thai currency; 59. Vacation time in Versailles; 60. King, queen or jack?; 64. Lineage-based women’s org.; 65. Ore suffix; 66. Sparkly component of face paint; 67. ‘Fore; 68. Leftorium owner on “The Simpsons”; 69. Teeter-totters, SEESAWS. — DOWN: 1. Fig. on an I.R.S. schedule; 2. “Well, ___-di-dah!”; 3. Barley wine, really; 4. Fun house worker, maybe; 5. Zimbabwean strongman Robert; 6. Author Waugh; 7. Lesser-played half of a 45; 8. Nymph of Mount Ida, e.g.; 9. Use plastic; 10. Certain turkey; 12. Prepare for next year’s models, say; 13. Cousins of chimps; 18. Pan Am rival; 21. “What ___” (“Ho-hum”); 22. Cable alternative, for short; 23. Mus. Key with four sharps; 28. One of a biathlete’s pair; 32. Common packaging word; 33. “The Name of the Rose” author; 34. “___ knows?”; 37. Try to win; 38. Pittsburgh radio station since 1920, said to be the world’s first; 39. Fool; 40. Humorist Barry; 45. “Venerable” monk of old England; 46. First movie to gross more than $2 billion (2009); 47. Put a match to; 49. Allow to expire; 50. Puts up; 52 Relaxed; 53. Paternity suit evidence; 54. Safecrackers; 58. Prefix with cast; 60. Rouge or blanc selection; 61. ___ crossroads; 62. FF’s opposite, on a VCR; 63. “ER” personnel.


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