02.05.13 — Real LY

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Puzzle by Robert A. Doll / Edited by Will Shortz

Adding “LY” to three standard phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword: PORTLY AUTHORITY (16A. Hefty honcho?), GINGERLY SPICE (37A. Add just a dash of pepper?) and THE NO BELLY PRIZE (57A. Successful dieter’s award?).
Other — AMIDST, APPEAL, ARRIBA (46D. Spanish shout of joy), AS USUAL, BELLOC (49A. “Cautionary Tales for Children” writer), BROOM HILDA (15D. Russell Myers comic strip), DISNEYLAND (22D. Home of the California Screamin’ roller coaster), EDSELS, EMBARGO, EROICA, GEEZER, GLOOMY, NEREID, RAG DOLL, SNIPE AT.
Five-letter — ADAGE, AGNES Moorehead, BRAYS, CUBED, EMMAS, HAYDN, HELGA (30D. Hägar the Horrible‘s wife), LABEL, LYDIA, Phil MAHRE, PLEAT, SPRAT, “Two YEARS Before the Mast“.
Short stuff — ALI, ALTA, ARC, ASK, ASTA, BBB, BETE noir, BLUR, “See if I CARE!”, CLUB, CRY, DANA, EAT, ENS, EOE, ERAT, Richard GERE, HARK, HIE, IER, ILSA (14A. The “kid“ of “Here‘s looking at you, kid“), IMAC, ITAL, OGRE, PLAN, PLY and SLY, John RAE, RES, RIND, RUT, SANG, SCAM, SERA, SHH, SIAM, SO SO, STL, TAN, TRY, TSO, ULAN Bator, YES and YET.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Moorehead of “Bewitched”; 6. Do a Bernie Madoff job on; 10. Hyperbola part; 13. Pants part; 15. Time-lapse photography phenomenon; 19. Want ad letters; 20. Trade barrier; 21. In the thick of; 24. Beethoven’s Third; 28. ___, the Tattooed Lady” (old tune); 29. “Don’t let them hear us!”; 32. Actresses Stone and Watson; 33. Criticize cattily; 36. “Pay ye attention!”; 41. 1964 #1 Four Seasons hit; 42. Hee-haws; 44. Former M&M’s color; 45. “Honey catches more flies than vinegar,” e.g.; 51. Entrapped; 52. Per routine; 56. Legal matter; 62. Marmalade ingredient; 63. The “E” inQ.E.D.; 64. Bottle feature; 65. What a nod may mean; 66. Richard Henry ___, author of “Two 67-Across Before the Mast”; 67. See 66-Across. — DOWN: 1. Recourse after a guilty verdict; 2. Dark and depressed; 3. Sea nymph; 4. Exhortation after saying grace; 5. Letters on a Cardinals cap; 6. Thailand, once; 7. Sam’s ___; 8. “The Thin Man” dog; 9. Skier Phil; 10. Frazier foe; 11. Same old same old; 12. Shout; 17. Even so; 18. Villain; 23. Spilled the beans; 25. Apple product; 27. Make request; 29. Jack who ate no fat; 31. “Surprise Symphony” composer; 34. Suffix with cash; 35. General on a Chinese menu; 37. Richard of “American Gigolo”; 38. Emphatic type: Abbr.; 39. Course of action; 40. Consumer protection org.; 43. Middling; 46. Spanish shout of joy; 47. White-whiskered sort; 48. Ford flops; 50. Like 125, to 5; 51. Cunning; 53. Blood fluids; 56. Resort near Snowbird; 57. Encouraging word; 58. Go in haste; 59. “Star Trek” extra: Abbr.; 60. Bath tissue feature; 61. Arctic explorer John.


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