02.19.13 — Questions

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Puzzle by Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan / Edited by Will Shortz

Who, what, when, where, how and why are phonetically represented at the starts of six very loosely-related entries in this friendly Tuesday crossword:

HOOVER DAM (18A. Construction on the Colorado River)
WATSON AND CRICK (23A. DNA modelers)
WENCESLAUS (29A. Sainted king who inspired a carol)
WEREWOLVES (41A. Lycanthropes)
HOUSING PROJECT (45A. Publicly funded residential complex)
WYATT EARP (55A. Lawman at the O.K. Corral)

Good King Wenceslas on a biscuit tin, made by Hudson, Scott & Sons for Huntley & Palmers, 1913

Other — KILOJOULE (33D. 1,000 watt-seconds), KNEE SOCKS (4D. Shin coverers), LET IT SNOW (3D. Phrase sung three times in a row in a holiday song), REVIEWERS (34D. Ones quoted on Rotten Tomatoes).
Five-letter —A BEND in the River”, ACORN, BAHIA (6D. Coastal Brazilian state), BUENA Vista, CANOE, DOUSE, ELROY, ERINS, EWOKS, FIERY, GYROS, HOYLE, LIE ON, OBAMA, ORATE, PAPAW, PATES, PLANK, POLKA, PUPPY, SORTA, TERRI Gibbs, TRAYS, UTTER, VEDIC (11D. Pertaining to Hindu scriptures), YESES.
Short stuff — ACHE, ADS, AIR, ALTE, AMIE, ANNS, APOP, APP and ARR, ATOI, BARB, BEER, BEV and BEY, CVS, DEWS, EELY, EERO Saarinen, EAU, EWE, FOTO, GYMS, IRE and IRS, “The hour IS AT hand”, IWO Jima, KRIS Allen, Lacto-OVO vegetarian, Man O’WAR, RHO, SOWN, SWAB, SYS, TVPG, UPSY, WARM, WED, WWI, “UPSY-daisy!”, YUM.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Some Lawrence Welk music; 6. Fishhook part; 10. Rating for many a sitcom; 14. V. S. Naipaul’s “___ in the River”; 15. Broken-heart symptom; 16. Slippery like a fish; 17. Cracker spreads; 20. French girlfriend; 21. Put on the radio; 22. Brockovich and others; 27. Planted; 33. “American Idol” winner ___ Allen; 37. Furry allies of Luke Skywalker; 38. Org. with a staff of auditors; 39. Blazing; 40. Morning moistures; 44. Yours, in Tours; 52. Somewhat, informally; 53. “Tasty!”; 54. Man ___ (racehorse); 58. ___ Vista (part of Disney); 59. Old one, in Austria; 60. Each, pricewise; 61. The Jetsons’ boy; 62. Molson or Michelob; 64. Thumbs-up responses. — DOWN: 1. Elongated fruit from a tree; 2. 44th president; 5. Commercials; 7. Oak nut; 8. Letter after pi; 9. Pepsi or O. J.; 10. Country singer Gibbs; 12. Pirate ship feature; 13. School areas with high ceilings; 19. Architect Saarinen; 21. St. ___ (London neighborhood); 24. Has a negative net worth; 25. Put out, as a flame; 26. Rite Aid competitor; 29. Tie the knot; 30. Lamb raiser; 31. Rest atop; 32. Flight board abbr.; 35. Anger; 36. Method: Abbr.; 39. Pic; 41. Conflict for which “Over There” was written: Abbr.; 42. Toasty; 45. Card game rules expert; 46. Speechify; 47. Out-and-out; 48. Greek sandwiches; 49. Litter member; 50. Birchbark, e.g.; 51. Places for dental tools; 52. Deck washer; 56. Mer contents; 57. iPad user’s purchase; 58. Ottoman nabob.

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