02.01.13 — The Friday Crossword

The arctic fox is an incredibly hardy animal that can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as –58°F (-50°C) in the treeless lands where it makes its home. ~ National Geographic
Friday, February 1, 2013
Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Take into account, as contingencies, PLAN FOR; 8. Highly revered one, DEMIGOD; 15. Delta factor?, AIRFARE; 16. Comment from one who’s just getting by, I MANAGE; 17. Cover, INCLUDE; 18. Subject to change, MUTABLE; 19. Piece of gladiatorial combat gear, NET; 20. Cliffhanger locale?, LEDGE; 22. Bugged out, FLED; 23. Decrees, DICTA; 25. Pollen count plant, RAGWEED; 28. 2011 Emmy-winning MSNBC host, RACHEL MADDOW; 30. Like many neglected pets, UNFED; 31. Study as AN OAK; 32 ID tag?, MST; 35. Wide-beamed vessel, SCOW; 36. Way out there, CRAZY; 37. “Laughable Lyrics” poet, LEAR; 38. Evil eye, e.g., HEX; 39. Fizzy drink measure, LITRE; 40. Roger’s relative, WILCO; 41. Absent without leave?, PLAYING HOOKY; 43. Ecosystem-replicating facility, BIODOME; 45. Absence with leave?, R AND R; 46. Detectives connect them, DOTS; 47. Benjamin, C SPOT; 49. Q-Tip specialty, RAP; 51. Not freelancing, say, ON STAFF; 54. Get ahead of, OUTPACE; 56. Kind of artery or vein, FEMORAL; 57. Works on a plot, SCHEMES; 58. Semi-opponent, FRENEMY; 59. It’s impractical to live in, THE PAST.
Down — 1. What a dolorimeter measures, PAIN; 2. The Stroll, e.g., LINE DANCE; 3. Tundra hunter, ARCTIC FOX; 4. Grp. Whose members 28-Down, NFL; 5. Bearing the blame, FAULTED; 6. Baptism by fire, ORDEAL; 7. Bit of thatching, REED; 8. Common, DIME-A-DOZEN; 9. Source of extra-large eggs, EMU; 10. Something to flip on, MAT; 11. “Soon”, IN A FEW; 12. Mansard alternative, GABLE; 13. Checked out impolitely, OGLED; 14. It’s signed, sealed and delivered, DEED; 21. Their contents have been threshed, GRANARIES; 24. Think on), CHEW; 26. Barbie greeting, GDAY; 27. Bowl on a range, WOK; 28. Charge on a field, RUSH; 29. Time-traveling 1980s film character, MARTY MCFLY; 32. Common soap ingredient, MELODRAMA; 33. They make people jump at picnics, SACK RACES; 34. Home of Paris, TROY; 36. “I’m gone”, CIAO; 376. Highly revered one, LION; 39. Honorary law deg., LLD; 40. “Seriously?!”, WHAT THE; 41. Three-time “Newhart” Emmy nominee, POSTON; 42. Oscar, e.g., GROUCH; 43. Screw-up, BONER; 44. Answer at the door, IT’S ME; 46. Remove out of respect, DOFF; 48. Sentry’s station, POST; 50. Slug, e.g., PEST; 52. Modern art form?, ARE; 53. Pop is part of it: Abr., FAM; 55. Zing, PEP.

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