08.11.12 — A Prominent Bust

The bust of Nefertiti from the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

A perfectly pleasant Saturday crossword...

Across — 1. 1982 Stephen King horror film, CREEPSHOW; 10. Domain of some invasions, SCI FI; 15. Feature of some English gardens, HEDGE MAZE; 16. Poet who wrote “All pity is self-pity”, AUDEN; 17. “Talk to Her” director/screenwriter, 2002, ALMODÓVAR; 18. Papers, collectively, PRESS; 19. Sch. That Theo Huxtable attended on “The Cosby Show”, NYU; 20. Not straight, SKEWED; 22. Noted dark film star of the 1930s, TOTÒ; 23. Call for dinner, maybe, GONG; 25. Kinda, IN A WAY; 27. Epithet for many a rapper, LIL; 28. Evasive tactic, END RUN; 30. Classic 1977 song with the repeated line “Let’s get together and feel all right”, ONE LOVE; 32. ANG Lee; 33. Marooned person’s aid, FLARE GUN; 34. Shudra, for one, CASTE; 37. Dungeons & Dragons figure, ELF; 38. It might be cheating, TRYST; 39. With genuine effort, ACTIVELY; 41. U.N. observer starting in ‘74, PLO; 42. Figure of speech?, PHONEME; 43. One of the 12 tribes of Israel, REUBEN; 47. Moon, in Chinese, YIN; 48. Arizona county with a national monument of the same name, NAVAJO; 51. Cutesy sign-off, XOXO; 52. Apiphobe’s bane, BEES; 54. Dessert with a spoon, GELATO; 56. Save one’s breath, maybe?, NOD; 57. AVANT-jazz; 59. Queen with a prominent bust, NEFERTITI; 61. “King Lear” character, REGAN; 62. Likely to scar, TRAUMATIC; 63. Crackerjack, ADEPT; 64. It goes from post to post, HORSE RACE.

Down1. Political challenger’s promise, CHANGE; 2. Trust, RELY ON; 3. “King Lear” character, EDMUND; 4. It might get in the way of progress, EGO; 5. Driver’s concerns, briefly, PEDS; 6. Really hot, SMOKING; 7. Retreat, HAVEN; 8. Longtime Tanglewood figure, OZAWA; 9. One on a lunar calendar?, WEREWOLF; 10. Con target, SAP; 11. Laconic, CURT; 12. School, IDEOLOGY; 13. Annual holiday with an “airing of grievances”, FESTIVUS; 14. Like a brat, INSOLENT; 21. Gender-ambiguous name, DANA; 24. Cheesy crust, GRATIN; 26. Kid-lit title character who says “I am the ruler of all that I see!”, YERTLE; 29. Not on the level, UNEVEN; 31. “The Phantom of the Opera” writer, LEROUX; 33. Stylish, in slang, FLY; 34. Largest living rodent, CAPYBARA; 35. Realized, ACHIEVED; 36. Primitive, STONE-AGE; 40. iPad read, maybe, EMAG; 41. Shape-shifting Greek sea god, PROTEUS; 44. Like a fair señorita, BONITA; 45. Not from around here, EXOTIC; 46. “Ain’t gonna happen”, NO DICE; 49. Former G.M. compact, ALERO; 50. Aladdin’s enemy, JAFAR; 53. When repeated, [Hurry it up!], SNAP; 55. “… a man no mightier than thyself OR ME”: “Julius Caesar”; 58. Letters on some sticks, TNT; 60. Pitching need, TAR.


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