08.29.12 — Trading Post

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Puzzle by Tony Orbach / Edited by Will Shortz

The first word of the common phrases slave trade, laptop covers, later on, Plains Indian and flak jacket trade the letters “L“ and “A“, resulting in this Wednesday’s interrelated group — SALVE TRADE (17A. Balm business?), ALP-TOP COVERS (23A. Yodeling tribute band‘s repertoire?), ALTER ON (38A. Words of encouragement to a tailor?), PALIN’S INDIAN (48A. Figure at Sarah’s cigar store?) and FALK JACKET (57A. “Columbo“ trench coat?).
Other — ALL OVER, CAVEATS, DISARM, GOOSEFLESH (11D. Bodily reaction to fear), HYATTS, MIRACLE BRA (29D. Push-up garment), NO DOPE, OPTED IN, Learn by OSMOSIS, PANACHE, Tattoo PARLOR, STEREOS, THIRSTY.
Five-letter — AMISS, ARDOR, Counselor-AT-LAW, ATONE, CRESC, FAKIR, FRANC, MORAN (22D. Bugs of the underworld), PHILS, PONZI (34D. Kind of scheme), PSATS, SOFTY, TRUER, YMCAS.
Short stuff — ADA, AGFA, AHOY, AKIN, ALBS, “… lovely AS A tree“, AXLE, BEVY, BOTH (27D. This and that), BSMT, Margaret CHO, DEN, Cameron DIAZ, EHS, ELO, ENYA, ESL, EVAC, FAT, HEXA, HIVE, HOPE, IRT, JRS, Mauna KEA, Jean-LUC Picard, LEES, LOAM, LOKI, LUC, OLIO (35D. This and that), OTIS, PSIS, READ, REF, ROSY, RRR, SAAB, STAY and SWAY, TAR and TART and TORT, TEA, VEAL.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Rescue op; 5. 100 centimes, once; 10. Belgium-based imaging company; 14. Dodeca- halved; 15. Fiery feeling; 16. Nursery bagful; 19. Mischievous Norse god; 20. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff; 27. Place for a washer and dryer: Abbr.; 30. Cross one’s fingers; 31. Cal a game; 32. R&B pioneer Johnny; 33. N.Y.C.’s first subway line; 37. Steamrolled stuff; 40. “Evil Woman” grp.; 41. Regency hotels; 43. Place to play video games; 44. Next-to-last Greek letters; 45. Comic Margaret; 46. Cameron who voiced Fiona; 47. Matey’s greeting; 52. Gear with docking stations; 53. “Born from jets” automaker; 56. Mass vestments; 62. Pucker-producing; 63. More faithful; 64. Busy place; 65. Influence; 66. Rec centers; 657. New Ager who sings in Irish Gaelic. — DOWN: 1. Comments accompanying shrugs; 2. Osso buco need; 3. What a drive train connects to; 4. “As is” and others; 5. Marbled meat feature; 6. Grammar school basics, briefly; 7. Decay-fighting org.; 8. A real smarty; 9. Dimin.’s opposite, in music; 10. Here, there and everywhere; 11. Bodily reaction to fear; 12. Hot-coals walkers; 13. Out of kilter; 18. Alien’s subj.; 24. Pop music’s Collins and Spector; 25. Suit material?; 26. Decided to join; 28. Hang around; 36. Looking up; 38. Do penance; 39. Scan, as a U.P.C.; 42. Like under-watered plants; 44. Pizazz; 46. Render harmless; 48. Some H.S. exams; 50. Pushover; 54. Very similar; 55. Group of quail; 58. TV captain Jean___ Picard; 60. Takers of 48-Down: Abbr.; 61. Caddy’s contents.


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