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Friday, August 31, 2012
Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Have at it!

Across 1. Actress Rachel of “The Notebook”, MCADAMS; 8. Newsman who famously defined news as “something somebody doesn’t want printed”, HEARST; 14. ILLINOIS Avenue (Monopoly property landed on the most); 16. Ascribe, IMPUTE; 17. Big mess, RAT’S NEST; 18. Attractive feature, TURN-ON; 19. Makes copies of, maybe, TRACES; 20. Responsibility, ONUS; 22. Building material for Great Plains settlers, SOD; 23. Decorated one, HERO; 24. Cut short, CROP; 25. 1980s “Meet the Press” host Marvin KALB; 26. Attends to as one might a captured soldier, UNARMS; 29. Hit group?, MAFIA; 30. Something you’d rather not discuss, PRIVATE MATTER; 32. They’re written for two-part harmony, PEACE TREATIES; 33. Amateur geologist’s purchase, GEIGER COUNTER; 34. Lawn care item, EDGER; 35. Course of sewers, for short, HOME EC; 36. Retro candy containers, TINS; 37. Drinks bourbon neat, maybe, SIPS; 38. Ecuador is a member of it, OPEC; 42. Fifth word of the lyrics to “American Pie”, AGO; 43. Mass event, RITE; 44. Land of BEULAH (destination in “The Pilgrim’s Progress”); 46. Play maker?, WRITER; 48. Heat in one’s car, ROAD RAGE; 50. Oxygen-dependent organism, AEROBE; 51. They get canned, SARDINES; 52. He’s inclined to agree, YES-MAN; 53. Pot holder?, TEA CART.
Down — 1. Amusement, MIRTH; 2. Saint CLARE of Assisi, co-founder of the Order of Poor Ladies; 3. Missal stand’s place, ALTAR; 4. Puts off, DISCOURAGES; 5. Last monarch of the House of Stuart, ANNE; 6. Hangout for Homer, MOE’S; 7. Family nickname, SIS; 8. Ask for a donation, HIT UP; 9. Winged runners, EMUS; 10. Mo. When the Civil War began, APR; 11. Tries to catch, RUNS AFTER; 12. Crime reporters?, STOOLIES; 13. Take orders, possibly, TEND BAR; 15. “Star Wars” extras, STORM TROOPERS; 21. Small biters, NO-SEE-UMS; 24. Dickensian surname, CRATCHIT; 25. Only person to guest-host “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”, KATIE COURIC; 27. More upscale, NICER; 28. State, AVER; 29. Like some photo paper, MATTE; 30. Gowns that are rarely worn out, PEIGNOIRS; 31. A Zebra has a short one, MANE; 32. Livestock auction info, PEDIGREE; 33. Vacation spot, GET-AWAY; 37. Fabulous singer, SIREN; 39. Original scheme, PLAN A; 40. Breathless, say, EAGER; 41. One beaten by an ape, CHEST; 43. “REBA #1’s” (2005 country music album); 44. Exposed to the elements, BARE; 45. 13th-century composition, EDDA; 47. Certain cat, TOM; 49. Small part of a meal, OAT.

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