08.03.12 — Tomfoolery

The Fastidious Fish and the Enthusiastic Elephant


Friday, August 3, 2012

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

This Friday, the solver is treated to a colorful and interesting crossword, the fare being both fair and unfair with a dash of tomfoolery.

Across — 1. Tomfoolery, HIGH JINKS; 10. Xerox rival, RICOH; 15. Real soon, IN A MOMENT; 16. One who comes from Qom, IRANI; 17. Pick, of sorts, APPOINTEE; 18. Guilty gang, PERPS; 19. Mardi Gras, for one: Abbr., TUE; 20. Observant individual, NOTER; 21. These, to a Tico, ESTAS; 22. Jazz setting, UTAH; 24. Yarn, TELL A STORY; 26. Cool red giant, S STAR; 28. Adherent of the clockwork universe theory, DEIST; 29. Schlemiel, OAF; 30. Out of practice?: Abbr., RET; 32 Letters after Sen. Charles Schumer’s name, DNY; 33. Quote lead-in?, AND I; 34. What a horse kicks with, HIND LEG; 38. Prepares, GETS SET; 40. Anita of song, O’DAY; 41. Super PAC; 45. Little jerk, TIC; 44. Lid for a laddie, TAM; 45. Zest providers, LIMES; 47. “Check,” in cards, NO BET; 51. Common images on stamps, PRESIDENTS; 54. See 58-Across, TIRE; 55. Moral creator, AESOP; 56. Canal-clearing tube, STENT; 58. With 54-Across, something worn on a road trip, CAR; 59. Antelope with lyre-shaped horns, NYALA; 60. Be able to sue, say, HAVE A CASE; 62. Doesn’t keep off the grass?, TOKES; 63. Introductory offers, OVERTURES; 64. Material named for a country, SUEDE; 65. Special elevator?, WONDERBRA.

Down — 1. Break, HIATUS; 2. Places for jacks, INPUTS; 3. Eye with awe, GAPE AT; 4. Cigna offering, HMO; 5. Couple, JOIN; 6. Reply of denial, I’M NOT; 7. Brought home, NETTED; 8. Prepared to give a ring, say, KNEELED; 9. Like much flatware, STERLING; 10. At maximal maturity, RIPEST; 11. I REST perplexed with a thousand cares”: Shak.; 12. They often include balloons, CARTOONS; 13. Being displayed conspicuously, ON PARADE; 14. Diva’s conspicuous display, HISSY FIT; 23. Rugged, HARDY; 25. Hitherto, AS YET; 27. Kind of denom., REL; 31. Halfhearted, TEPID; 33. Accouterment for Fred of “Scooby-Doo”, ASCOT; 34. Barely-there bottoms, HOT PANTS; 35. Simple challenge, I DARE YOU; 36. Junior, e.g., NAMESAKE; 37. One may follow the news, GAME SHOW; 39. It might take the cake, TIN; 42. Cuban coin, CENTAVO; 45. Digestive enzyme, LIPASE; 46. Obama energy secretary STEVEN Chu; 48. Leavening agent, briefly, BICARB; 49. Rubber, ERASER; 50. Mother TERESA; 52. Rubber-SOLED; 53. A real dummy, SNERD; 57. Site of many London hangings, TATE; 61. No-goodnik, CUR.


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Anonymous said...

centavo means one one-hundredth
the coin is a centavos
centavos is both singular and plural