08.21.12 — PLunder the Sea, etc..



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Adding the letters PL to the front of common phrases forming uncommon ones constitutes the interrelated group of this pleasing Tuesday crossword:

PLUS WEEKLY (18A. Magazine for arithmetic lovers?)
PLEAT MY SHORTS (24A. Bizarre demand to a dry cleaner?)
PLACE OF DIAMONDS (39A. Zales or Tiffany’s?)
PLUNDER THE SEA (51A. Overfish?)
PLACID RAIN (60A. Light shower?)

Other — ADVISE, HERALD, MILDEST (27D. Least spicy), NEW DELHI, ONCE AGAIN, REECHO (9D. Bounce around a canyon, say), SCORSESE (49A. Oscar-winning director of “The Departed,” 2006), “It would SEEM TO me …”, SLEEPWEAR (3D. Retirement attire).

Five-letter — ALLOT, EAMES, EBOLA, HAYES (13D. First president to have a telephone in the White House), HEGEL (57A. Philosopher who was the father of dialectical idealism), JOKER, LA LAW, MARSH, MEESE, MESSY, PIPES, RAJAH, RERUN, SPELT, STEAM, SWINE (69A. Ones before whom pearls are cast), TESLA, Grand THEFT Auto, TISCH, UMAMI (53D. Taste that‘s not sweet, sour, bitter or salty).

Short stuff — AAH, ABE and ABLE, ALOE, ALPO, APE and APU, BEER, Silent CAL, CEN, CLAN, DABS, DISH, DOPE and NOPE, EARL, ELLA Enchanted“, ENVY, EOE, GDP, GLAM, HEED, HOPI, HOT and NOT, “Luke, I AM your father“, I BET, IDS, ISLE, LEO X, LOL, NEST, OLE, ONYX, OTHO (28D. Emperor of A.D. 69), PDAS, SIC, TIVO, UPDO, VEE, WISH.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Gossip; 5. David Bowie’s rock genre, informally; 9. Old Indian ruler; 14. Fit; 15. Excellent, in modern slang; 16. African virus; 17. Samuel Adams or Corona; 20. Momentum, informally; 22. [as written]; 23. Want ad letters; 29. City served by Indira Gandhi International Airport; 31. Sexy; 32. Flamenco cry; 33. Took part in a bee, British-style; 35. Arizona tribe; 43. Middling noble rank; 44. Early Westinghouse collaborator; 45. Silent ___ (Coolidge nickname); 46. “That feels goo-oo-ood!”; 56. Center of gravity?; 65. Chair designer Charles; 67. High coif; 68. Record for later, in a way; 70. Hornets’ home; 71. Deep black gem. — DOWN: 1. Applies with a Q-Tip, say; 2. “Yeah, sure …”; 4. Usher in with fanfare; 5. Important econ. Indicator; 6. “U crack me up!”; 7. “Thank you, come again” speaker, on “The Simpsons”; 8. Like drawn-out divorces; 10. Lincoln moniker; 11. Card #53 or #54; 12. Dole out; 19. Genie’s offering; 21. Reagan attorney general Ed; 25. Chow chow chow brand; 29. “Uh-uh”; 34. N.Y.U.’s ___ School of the Arts; 36. “I repeat …”; 37. Droids, e.g., for short; 38. Aruba or Bora Bora; 40. Extended family; 41. Ingredient in some suntan lotions; 42. Waterlogged locale; 47. Counsel; 48. Take counsel from; 51. Singing ability, informally; 52. 1980s-’90s courtroom drama; 58. Green-eyed monster; 59. Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther; 61. 100 years: Abbr.; 62. Jungle swinger; 63. Checks the age of, in a way; 64. “Only kidding!”

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