08.24.12 — The Friday Crossword

A replica of Sputnik 1 at the U.S. National Air and Space Museum
Friday, August 24, 2012
Puzzle by Mark Diehl / Edited by Will Shortz

A perfectly painless Friday crossword...

Across — 1. Category on Craigslist, GARAGE SALES; 12. Unspoken agreement, TACIT APPROVAL; 14. They’re rarely played nowadays, EIGHT-TRACK TAPES; 16. How rainfall may be measured, PER YEAR; 17. Imbecilic, ASININE; 18. Boston landmark, with “the”, PRU; 19. Needle point?: Abbr., ENE; 20. Some Toyotas, SOLARAS; 25. Subject of the book “Red Moon Rising”, SPUTNIK; 29. Early “cure” for tuberculosis, DESERT CLIMATE; 31. Like Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, OCTAGONAL; 32. Puts barricades around, PARTITIONS OFF; 36. “Eureka” and “Excelsior”, MOTTOES; 37. Heaps, PASSELS; 39. Key abbreviation, ALT; 40. CD-ROM; 41. Sulfide-containing group, PYRITES; 46. “Honest to God!”, IT’S TRUE; 50. Microsoft Windows game, SPIDER SOLITAIRE; 52. Openly attack en masse, STORM THE GATES; 53. Home of Sun Bowl Stadium, EL PASO TEXAS.
Talos & the Argonauts, Athenian red-figure krater C4th B.C., Jatta Museum, Ruvo
Down — 1. Discussion stopper, GAG RULE; 2. Acting up, in a way, ACHY; 3. Diet RITE; 4. Girl/boy intro, ATTA; 5. “Oh, God!” co-star, GARR; 6. It’s got its standards: Abbr., EPA; 7. Org. providing assistance to Afghans and Persians, SPCA; 8. Scroll holders, ARKS; 9. French novelist Pierre LOTI; 10. EVAN Longoria, 2008 A.L. Rookie of the Year, 11. Perspicacious, SAPIENT; 12. Part of a car’s steering system, TIE ROD; 13. Gentle giant of Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, LENNIE; 14. Omar in Hollywood, EPPS; 15. Curry, SEEK; 21. Somewhat, after “of”, A SORT; 22. Page one is traditionally one, RECTO; 23. ARTIE Abrams, character on “Glee”; 24. Fantasy sports figures, STATS; 25. One-master, SLOOP; 26. Outer ear, PINNA; 27. Campus near the J.F.K. Library, U MASS; 28. Giant bronze man in Greek myth, TALOS; 30. Big budget item for “Avatar,” briefly, CGI; 32. Sea fan colonists, POLYPS; 33. Reduce through retirement, ATTRITE; 34. Carries back and forth, FERRIES; 35. Prepares for baking, in a way, FLOURS; 36. Google MAPS; 38. Storybook pirate, SMEE; 42. Target of a Fox hunt?, IDOL; 43. One singing “Fight, fight, fight for Maryland!”, TERP; 44. “Aunt” with a 1979 best seller, ERMA; 45. Onetime landers at LAX, SSTS; 46. “Before I LET you go …”; 47. Old comics dog, TIGE; 48. Classic Memphis-based record label, STAX; 49. “I’m history”, TATA; 51. “Got ya!”, OHO.


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