08.10.12 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, August 10, 2012

Puzzle by John Lampkin / Edited by Will Shortz

This friendly Friday crossword features two fifteen-letter answers, THE ROYAL WEDDING (8D. Instant-book title of 1981 or 2011) and THAT FEELS SO GOOD (37A Massage message?).

Nine- and ten-letter — LASER BEAM (34D. Exemplar of focus), ORIENTATED (4D. Set right), SALARY CAP (32A. Top sports figure?), STINKEROO (12D. Turkey), TAG YOU’RE IT (31D. Cry before “No backsies!”) TWENTY-ONE (40A. Bad thing to bust in).

Eight — BRIGADES, ESTIMATE, GEMSTONE (62A. “Rock“), HARRUMPH (15A. Protest pompously), I’LL GET IT (57A. Cry before answering), NEAT IDEA, NO REASON, SHOOTOUT (1A. Western highlight).


Five — Hit A HOME run, ALIEN, GELEE, HARD G (45A. Start to go?), HAS TO, LEASE, LUNAS (47A. Pale-green moths), MARIA, MOTEL, Nick NOLTE, NOT DO, ORION (26D. Stars in which a belt is seen), “Coffee OR TEA?”, ROANS, ROSES, SETAE (50D. Caterpillar bristles), SHEAR, SPADE, STRIP, SURFS, Kate UPTON.

Short stuff — ALE, A TEE, BYE, GTS, HAR, IMED, INTO, KOS (25A. Belts in which stars are seen?), LEO, OMAN, PEE and PER, PHI, RELO and ROLE, SLAM, SNL, SWM, TERP, TUB and TUM, YAZ.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. “24” actress Cuthbert; 17. It’s in the neighborhood; 18. Piece that bites; 19. Unerringly, after “to”; 20. “Just curious, that’s all”; 22. Some colts; 24. People’s Sexiest Man Alive after Swayze; 28. Rust bucket; 30. Bosox great; 31. Comcast Center athlete, briefly; 36. “Do-Re-Mi” singer; 39. Romeo’s offering; 41. Sent some cyber notes; 42. One of a pair in “Popeye”; 43. Many a summer baby; 44. According to; 51. Army outfits; 54. Show part; 55. Fastskin maker; 59. Used harpoons, say; 60. Bit of ingenuity; 61. Provider of punch at brunch? — DOWN: 1. Cut through; 2. Can’t decline; 5. Belly; 6. Land with a sultan; 7. Kate who was the 2012 Sports illustrated swimsuit cover model; 9. Imitation; 10. 16-Across agreement; 12. Turkey; 13. Laugh half; 14. Half-and-half half; 21. Pass; 23. Is an Internet explorer; 27. One in a black suit; 29. Exit line; 32. Land to land on; 35. Peter with the 1986 #1 hit “Glory of Love”; 36. Roadside sign; 38. Big inits. In comedy; 42. Place of worship; 45. Screens; 46. Sticky styling stuff; 48. Abstain from; 49. Strange; 52. Slangy move; 53. With 11-Down, bash; 55. Initials in a personal ad; 56. Golden ratio symbol; 58. Sporty autos.

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