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Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen and Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald in the first episode of the television series, Gossip Girl.
Saturday, August 25, 2012
Puzzle by Caleb Madison / Edited by Will Shortz

A wild and crazy streak runs through this hot Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Modern drag, BUZZKILL; 9. Founding need, METAL; 14. It often has a crust on top, ONION SOUP; 16. Visibly surprised, AGAPE; 17. Point of no return?, TENNIS ACE; 18. Football Hall of Famer Bobby LAYNE; 19. Captain Hook’s alma mater, ETON; 20. “Tropic Thunder” director and co-star, STILLER; 22. Street heaters, GATS; 25. Growth theory subj., ECON; 26. Mex. and Uru. are in it, OAS; 27. “I hate this”, UGH; 28. Teen series whose title character is never seen, GOSSIP GIRL; 32. Query prompted by crying, ARE YOU OK; 34. Turn-of-the-season mos., SEPS; 35. Collusion, CAHOOTS; 36. Doesn’t lie gracefully, SPRAWLS; 39. It set sail from Iolcus, ARGO; 40. Altar adjunct, PRIE DIEU; 41. Sole, ONE OF A KIND; 43. Sole component, FIN; 44. End for end, ING; 45. Met works, OILS; 46. One way to go to a party, STAG; 47. Small parts of floor plans, CLOSETS; 49. Hawks’ old haunt, OMNI; 52. “Such mishegoss!”, OY VEY; 53. Charged, ARRAIGNED; 58. Kind of mentality, SIEGE; 59. With 61-Across, “Nothing new to me!”, BEEN THERE / DONE THAT; 60. They get picked, AFROS.
The Argo (ca. 1500-1530), painting by Lorenzo Costa
Down — 1. Web crawler, BOT; 2. UNE fois que (as soon as, in Arles); 3. Chard or cab alternative, ZIN; 4. Defenders’ assignments, ZONES; 5. Make some loops, KNIT; 6. Childish comeback, IS SO; 7. Item of interest?, LOAN; 8. Jacquet who directed “March of the Penguins”, LUC; 9. Feigned incapacity, MALINGERED; 10. Even, in Évreux, EGAL; 11. 2009 Grammy winner for “Fearless”, TAYLOR SWIFT; 12. Like some sleep disruptions, APNEAL; 13. Goats’ looks, LEERS; 15. 1990 Best Supporting Actor winner, PESCI; 22. Tex-Mex topping, GUAC; 23. AGRA Fort (World Heritage Site in India); 24. 2009 comedy whose tagline is “Some guys just can’t handle Vegas”; THE HANGOVER; 25. Yupik lang., ESK; 28. Kitten’s look, GOO-GOO EYES; 29. In la-la land, OUT OF IT; 30. Letters from desperate people, SOS; 31. Kind of app, IPAD; 33. Old, YORE; 36. What some gurus are called, SRI; 37. She hailed from the planet Alderaan, LEIA; 38. Like a chorus line, SUNG; 40. Recreation areas: Abbr., PKS; 41. Not unless, ONLY IF; 42. 1942 Preakness winner, ALSAB; 44. Prefix with -hedron, ICOSA; 46. It’s seeing things, SIGHT; 48. Mariposa’s close relative, SEGO; 49. Sandwich often given a twist, OREO; 50. “Ali” director Michael MANN; 51. Time for Variety?, NITE; 54. Old revolutionist, RED; 55. O.T. book, NEH; 56. Word after many presidents’ names, ERA; 57. One taking the lead?: Abbr., DET.


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