08.17.12 — Aoxomoxoa and Other Stuff

Friday, August 17, 2012

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

There's some tough stuff in this otherwise friendly Friday crossword.

Across — 1. Modern mail?, FLAK JACKET; 11. British RAJ; 14. It ends at 12, SENIOR HIGH; 15. Main part, often, HERO; 16. The Bay of Fundy has the largest one in the world, TIDAL RANGE; 17. Judicial administration?, OATH;18. Estadio call, OLE; 19. Tall and thin, LANK; 20. Complete, as a crossword, FILL IN; 22. Like A through D, PASSING; 24. Having a bad trip, maybe, CAR SICK; 25. Examine carefully, VET; 26. QB who threw a record-tying seven touchdown passes in a single game (1962), Y A TITTLE; 27. W-2-figure, WAGES; 30. Pitcher’s stat, SAVES; 31. “YER out!”; 32. Somalia’s locale in Africa, HORN; 33. Compromise of 1877 figure, HAYES; 34. To-do, STIR; 35. Split, in a way, AXE; 36. Southern writer William Gilmore SIMMS; 37. Split (up), DIVVY; 38. Fighting directly, TOE-TO-TOE; 40. Nickname in classic jazz, DIZ; 41. “The Bourne Identity” plot device, AMNESIA; 42 Makes sense of, DIGESTS; 46. Commercial miscellany, JOB LOT; 47. Cartoonist WALT Kelly; 48. Bug, TAP; 49. Director-type, EXEC; 50. View from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, OPERA HOUSE; 53. Hershey brand, ROLO; 54. What a drawer may hold, FELT-TIP PEN; 55. Animal in a comic strip title, KAT; 56. Running too quickly?, FALSE START.

Down — 1. It controls the amount of light admitted, F STOP; 2. “The Pearl Fishers” soprano, LEILA; 3. Altiplano locale, ANDES; 4. Soul producer, KIA; 5. Kicks, JOLLIES; 6. Downright, ARRANT; 7. Cho CHANG, romantic interest for Harry Potter; 8. Twist, KINK; 9. EGG-shaped; 10. Moirai, in Greek myth, THE FATES; 11. “Big Brother,” for example, REALITY TV; 12. It includes provision for the admission of new states, ARTICLE IV; 13. “A stronger America” sloganeer, JOHN KERRY; 15. “The Planets” composer, HOLST; 21. It controls the amount of light admitted, IRIS; 23. SVEN Kramer, 2010 Dutch speed-skating gold medalist; 24. Gives in under pressure, CAVES; 26. “Lookie what I did!”, YAY ME; 27. “Can you BELIEVE that guy?!”, WHAT A JERK; 29. Grateful Dead album whose title reads the same forward and backward, AOXOMOXOA; 29. Intermediate level in karate, GREEN BELT; 30. Navigator Islands, now, SAMOA; 33. Clicked, HIT IT OFF; 34. One criterion for sorting, SIZE; 36. Fair, SO-SO; 37. “Dude, I got something to tell you …”, DIG THIS; 39. Verizon, e.g.., TELCO; 40. Widen, DILATE; 42. Short-range missiles, DARTS; 43. Buddhist shrine, STUPA; 44. Big stinger, TASER; 45. Dog-tired, SPENT; 47. “Now that you mention it …”, WELL; 51. Sugar PEA; 52. Vote (for), OPT.


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