08.15.12 — Town Squares

Town Square by Thomas Kinkade


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

TOWN SQUARES (35A. What the six groups of circled letters represent), e.g., BOOM, HOME, BOYS, DOWN, CAPE and FREE, constitutes the main feature of this pleasant Wednesday crossword.


Five — ALECS, APPLE, ANWAR Sadat, BRONX, EASY A, I DON’T, INSET, INTRO, LASSO (62A. Wonder Woman‘s weapon), Simon LE BON of Duran Duran, SOAKS, SOOTS, UNDUE, U PENN.

Short stuff — AEC, AFRO, AFT, APPLE, APU, ATS, BIBI Andersson of  "Persona“, CART, DNA, EBON, ELEM, ENA, EON, EPEE, EROS (26D. Lust, deified), GILA, HIHO, HMOS, IAL, INCA, KEEN, Myrna LOY, MDS, MMCC, OWS, PBS, PIU, PREP, RITA, Mobutu SESE Seko, SGTS Bilko and Friday, SUPS, TETS, THE, Drop TROU, TSO, TUX, UNO Chicago Grill, URB.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. Pie choice; 14. Black, to bards; 15. Ritz look-alike of old; 17. Managed care grps.; 18. Sch. Type; 19. Gut course; 22. Next century’s end; 24. Edinburgh’s locale, in poetry; 25. It may be fit for a queen; 30. Some flights; 33. Blackens with chimney grime; 34. Subway Series borough; 38. Ivy League sch.; 40. Excessive; 41. Girl in a Beatles title; 42. Patronized a restaurant; 44. Toward the rear; 47. Close-fitting women’s garments; 49. “In conclusion …”; 51. People who valued vicuña wool; 52. Hale telescope’s observatory; 53. Words of denial; 56. “Add to ___” (e-shopper’s button); 58. Wig style; 59. Egypt’s Sadat; 60. Sport with touches; 61 Sound like a banshee; 63. Takes night courses; 64. Zaire’s Mobuto ___ Seko. — DOWN: 1. Urgent request; 2. Cloned office equipment; 3. [That’s such a shame!]; 4. Cartographic detail; 5. Marriott competitor; 6. Arizona county or river; 7. Everyday article; 8. Elke of film; 9. Baldwin and others; 10. Atlanta’s main street; 11. “Sesame Street” channel; 12. Powell’s “The Thin Man” co-star; 13. Doe in “Bambi”; 21. Wash one’s hands of; 23. Rx writers; 27. Lo-o-o-ong time; 28. Monkey suit; 31. Cadillac model unveiled in 2012; 33. Some Beethoven works; 34. Really, really touch; 35. Hanoi holidays; 37. Really looks up to; 38. Populous area, informally; 39. More, on a score; 42. Early nuclear org.; 43. Uses as a pattern; 44. Withdrawal charge; 45. Distress signals; 46. Old county of Northern Ireland; 48. 101 course, typically; 50. Is in hot water?; 52. Attend Choate, say; 53. Proverb ender?; 54. Evidence in paternity suits; 55. Hammer-on-the-thumb cries; 67. “The Simpsons” merchant.

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Anonymous said...

The correct answer to 52 down would be "inchoate".