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Lady Godiva by Edward Henry Corbould


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Puzzle by Dana Motley / Edited by Will Shortz

Variety, said to be the spice of life is liberally dispensed in this lively Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Contemporary of Columbus, CABOT; 6. Stats for DVDs, RPMS; 10. Homey, DAWG; 14. Actress De La Garza of “Law & Order”, ALANA; 15. Latin word that’s an anagram of 62-Across, ERAT; 16. Stone for a Libra, traditionally, OPAL; 17. One barely riding?, LADY GODIVA; 19. Put out, RILE; 20. Choice for a huge movie fan?, IMAX; 21. 20- and 60-Across, e.g., NAME BRANDS; 23. Peacockery displayer, FOP; 24. TravelMate notebook maker, ACER; 25. Food items once called Froffles, EGGOS; 26. Pattern seen on a diamond, PINSTRIPES; 30. Delay, HOLD UP; 32. Evidence of bodily harm, SCAB; 33. BEA Lillie with a Tony; 36. Leader in music, MAESTRO; 38. Some markets, KROGERS; 40. Lets pass, OKS; 41. All the best?, TENS; 43. Husky alternatives, AKITAS; 44. None for the money, two for the show?, FREE PASSES; 46. OSSIE Davis of “Bubba Ho-Tep,” 2002; 49. Sonoma County winery, SIMI; 50. First name among exotica singers, YMA; 53. White alternative, WHOLE WHEAT; 55. Heart-piercing figure, EROS; 56. Vulgarian, LOUT; 57. Summer wear for women, HALTER TOPS; 59. “Plaid” and “spunk” derive from it, ERSE; 60. OREO Blizzard (Dairy Queen offering); 61. Nonplussed, AT SEA; 62. Be dashing, TEAR; 63. Keyboardist MERL Saunders; 64. Sordid, MESSY.

Down — 1. Rialto setting: Abbr., CALIF; 2. Crockett Hotel’s neighbor, ALAMO; 3. Malcontents, BAD APPLES; 4. Stone for a Cancer, traditionally, ONYX; 5. Put out, in a way, TAG; 6. Ready for publication, REDACT; 7. They cover the basics, PRIMERS; 8. Sarah Palin, self-descriptively, MAVERICK; 9. Shot, STAB; 10. Wear banned in many schools, DO-RAGS; 11. Impressionistic work?, APING; 12. One hard to find, WALDO; 13. Cagney player on TV, GLESS; 18. Boozing it up, ON A SPREE; 22. Alternatives to Filas, REEBOKS; 27. Some bracelets, IDS; 28. Almond, for one, NUT TREE; 29. What a host holds, PARASITE; 30. Grp. Operating within a network, HMO; 31. Rendering on Connecticut’s state quarter, OAK; 33. A 1952 3-cent stamp honored her 200th birthday, BETSY ROSS; 34. Long reign, say, ERA; 35. Numbskull, ASS; 37. Minimal market purchase, ONE SHARE; 39. Grant, in Glasgow, GIE; 42. Pitching ace?, SPIELER; 44. Tap add-on, FILTER; 45. Powerful explosive, AMATOL; 46. Youngster with disproportionately large eyes, OWLET; 47. Popular vacation spot, with “the”, SHORE; 48. “The Liberty Bell” composer, SOUSA; 51. Looks down, MOPES; 52. Try to find out what’s inside, ASSAY; 54. “WHOM the gods would destroy …”; 55. Novel addendum?, ETTE; 58. Butt, RAM. 


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