08.04.12 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Puzzle by Jim Page / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Neighboring, ADJACENT TO; 11. Far from self-effacing, SMUG; 15. Water-park?, DROP ANCHOR; 16. Rose in a field, PETE ; 17. Singing pair, VOCAL CORDS; 18. Old Broadway production grp., ANTA; 19. Classes, ILKS; 20. Fresno-to-L.A. direction, SSE; 21. Albuquerque’s UNSER Racing Museum; 22. Luis LLOSA who directed “Anaconda,” 1997; 24. Big shot on Al Jazeera, EMIR; 27. Passé PC piece, CRT; 28. Botched, MISDONE; 31. Oxford offering, HMO; 32. Thing to charge with, CREDIT CARD; 36. Ghost’s sound, OOOO; 37. Crown polisher, DENTAL HYGIENIST; 39. Many hand-helds, for short, PDAS; 40. Sleeper’s option in a sleeper, LOWER BERTH; 41. Flee, LAM; 42. Norepinephrine producer, ADRENAL; 43. Full Sail or Fuller’s, ALE; 44. Put on, WORE; 45. Recipient of much praise, ALLAH; 50. TALKS LIKE THIS!, YELLS; 52. They may sit next to castles: Abbr., KTS; 55. Aarnio of furniture, EERO; 56. Oilman ERLE P. Halliburton; 57. Examination by those most qualified, PEER REVIEW; 60. GPS offerings: Abr., RTES; 61. Old Glory saluter, most likely, U S NATIONAL; 62. They broke up in 1991: Abbr., SSRS; 63. They’re abandoned in charm school, BAD MANNERS.

Down — 1. Big name in relief, ADVIL; 2. Like wags, DROLL; 3. Informal name for a monkey, JOCKO; 4. Take A PASS (decline); 5. Presidential nickname, CAL; 6. Accompaniers of cover letters: Abbr., ENCS; 7. Basic training figs., NCOS; 8. Common thing to plan a vacation around, THREE-DAY WEEKEND; 9. Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Mr. TOD”; 10. Sterile environments, for short, ORS; 11. Decade or century, SPAN; 12. It’s likely to have bass parts, MEN’S CHOIR; 13. Farthest, UTTERMOST; 14. One engaging in clockwork, GEAR TOOTH; 21. Script postscript?, URE; 23. “What AM I, A mind reader?”; 25. “Guten MORGEN”; 26. One of the Gandhis, INDIRA; 29. “That works”, IT’LL DO; 30. Journalist who wrote “Come to Think of It,” 20-07, SCHORR; 32. Contents of some music cabinets, CD PLAYERS; 33. Indicators of impending danger, RED ALERTS; 34. Brit working with nails, say, ENAMELLER; 35. Drying-out danger, DTS; 36 It was retired by the Yankees in 1986, ONE; 38. Powerful Syrian city in the third millennium B.C., EBLA; 42. Sympathetic responses, AWS; 46. 972 Elton John hit, LEVON; 47. Hanover’s river, LEINE; 48. In the back, AREAR; 49. Hurricane noises, HOWLS; 51. Off, pricewise, LESS; 53. It follows a mine line, TRAM; 54. Miss Spain, say: Abbr., SRTA; 57. 43-Across server, PUB; 58. That Peruvian?, ESA; 59. German article, EIN.


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