01.15.08 -- Soap

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Puzzle by Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke, edited by Will Shortz

Thrilling this puzzle isn’t, but it's squeaky clean in the form of the inter-related entries of SOAPS (71A. This puzzle’s theme); ZESTFORLIFE (17A. Joie de vivre); TONEOFVOICE (63A. Speaking manner); IVORYTOWER (11D. Lofty place for an academic); COASTGUARD (29D. Its academy is in New London, Conn.); and, In LIEU of (40D.) CAMAY, or perhaps just a personal preference for the lesser-known CAMEOFF (24D. Didn‘t stay on.). Or not? A bit confusing, no lye!

The remainder of the puzzle is fairly antiseptic … a walk down the soap aisle of the crossword supermarket.

Across: 1. Some charity fund-raisers; 6. Outspoken; 11. Org. with a code; 14. Singer Davis with the 1998 hit “32 Flavors”; 15. Airplane seat choice; 16. Old VIC, London theater; 17. Joie de vivre; 19. Lab eggs; 20. Accomplish; 21. Star-related; 23. Prank player; 26. “South Park” kid; 27. Preceder of Bell or shell; 31. Speed-happy driver; 33. Book in which the first Passover occurred; 35. Castle protector; 36. Middle-earth meanie; 39. Teacher’s charge; 40. Paris’s LES Invalides; 41. Colder and windier; 43. “HES a Tramp” (“Lady and the Tramp” tune); 44. Singer Pinza; 46. Popular setting for a wedding; 47. Fantastically wonderful; 50. Snare; 51. Daughter of Czar Nicholas I or II; 53. Arctic bird; 55. Newswoman Katie; 57. Diner sign filler; 62. TRA-la-la; 63. Speaking manner; 66. Go wrong; 67. Proficient; 68. O.K.; 69. Newsman Koppel; 70. Fix, as laces.

Down: GAZA Strip (much-fought-over area); 2. British P.M. ALEC Douglas-Home; 3. Whip; 4. Prefix with matter; 5. Like wearing a seat belt, e.g.; 6. Lombardy province or its capital; 7. De-squeak; 8. CBS forensic drama; 9. “Our Gang” kid; 10. Famous Virginia family; 11. Lofty place for an academic; 12. Pepsi vis-à-vis Coke; 13. Symbol of justice; 18. Racetracks; 22. Bout decision; 24. Didn’t stay on; 25. Kerfuffles; 27. Part of M.I.T.: Abbr.; 28. Highway toll unit; 29. Its academy is in New London, Conn.; 30. Some E.R. cases; 32. OTRA vez (again, in Spanish); 34. Preowned; 37. Singer McEntire; 38. Wheat, barley or beans; 42. First drug approved to treat AIDS; 45. 90210, for Beverly Hills; 46. Feeling of loss; 48. Person obeying a coxswain; 49. Significant; 51. Four duos; 52. Peter of “M”; 54. Super stars; 56. ITAR-Tass news agency; 58. Court plea, informally; 59. Tributary of the Colorado; 60. Rent-ACOP (security person for hire); 61. Wraps (up); 64. Snare; 65. Prefix with dermis.

Hope I haven‘t thrown the baby out with the bath water!


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Re: cats and birds.

I am a bird lover and lawyer.

I believe you could bring an intentional tort actin for trespass against the owners of the cats. If successful, the court would issue an injunction against the owners and if they continued to let their cats out they would be subject to legal penalties. Have you contacted a local birders' orginaztion or the Audobon society they may have advice as to what can be done.