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Sunday, January 20, 2008

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ACROSTIC, by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon, edited by Will Shortz
The quotation:THE STRANGE RESONANT WORD INSTAR DESCRIBES THE STAGE BETWEEN two successive MOLTS, for AS it grows, A CATERPILLAR, like a snake SPLITS ITS SKIN again and again, each stage is an instar. It remains a caterpillar as it goes through these molts, but no longer one in the same skin. There are rituals marking such splits, graduations, indoctrination, ceremonies of change, though most changes proceed without such clear and encouraging recognition. INSTAR IMPLIES SOMETHING BOTH CELESTIAL AND INGROWN, HEAVENLY AND DISASTROUS, AND PERHAPS CHANGE IS COMMONLY LIKE THAT, a buried star, oscillating between near and far."
The author’s name and the title of the work: REBECCA SOLNIT, A Field Guide to GETTING LOST -- for Village Voice article on Rebecca Solnit, go HERE.
The defined words: A. What you may shoot in the wild, RAPIDS; B. Mayflies, so named for their short lives, EPHEMERIDS; C. Good guide to what’s edible in meadows, BOTANIST; D. Rudimentary plant contained within a seed, EMBRYO; E. Moth in its early life, CHRYSALIS; F. Littoral, COASTAL; G. The alligator in Walt Kelly’s “Pogo”, ALBERT; H. Winning general at the Alamo (2 wds.), SANTAANNA; I. Appearing solemn and wise, OWLISH; J. Exponent of mathematics, LOGARITHM; K. Just coming into existence, NASCENT; L. Creature that moves by bring its rear end forward and then advancing its front, INCHWORM; M. Relating to the dramatic arts, THESPIAN; N. Covering made of blades (2 wds.), GRASSSKIRT; O. Held in high regard, ESTEEMED; P. Easy meals that start out hard? (2 wds.), TVDINNERS; Q. Features a snail may have by the thousands, TEETH; R. Old school desk feature, INKWELL; S. Babe in the woods?, NESTLING; T. Develop little by little, GESTATE; U. Relationship kept under wraps, LIAISON; V. x 8, OCTUPLE; W. What crosshatched lines provide, SHADING; X. Like 1920 and 2019, TRANSPOSED.
Another pleasurable journey of solution and discovery from that dynamic duo, Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon with puzzledom's expert guide Will Shortz -- a wonderful acrostic full of nature and movement to wake up to on Sunday morning!
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