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Saturday, January 5, 2008
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Puzzle by Paul Gamache, edited by Will Shortz
Music: ILTROVATORE (15A. It’s featured in “A Night at the Opera”).
Across: 1. Saucily titled best-selling diet book; 12. Center starter?; 16. Tickled user’s response; 17. Target of a school bully; 18. CUL-de-four (hemisphere-shaped vault); 19. 3,280.84 ft.; 20. Suspect’s request: Abbr.; 21. Internet site graphics; 23. Chooses by divine election; 25. Ice remover; 26. Fig. On a 1970s dollar; 27. Enamel strengthener; 28. Has confiscated; 31. Slip fillers; 32. T preceder; 33. Alliance; 34. College bookstore stock; 35. Chateau HAUT-Brion (Bordeaux wine); 36. Arizona senator Jon; 37. Yes or no follower; 38. Abundant sources; 39. Lands in the Persian Gulf; 41. John of Lancaster; 42. Ben Jonson poem; 43. N.F.L. salary limit; 47. Like 1, but not I; 48. Rest; 49. Peggy of “The Dukes of Hazzard”; 50. Not be generous with; 51. They really ought to be kicked; 54. Next to nothing?; 55. Sign of stress?; 56. An alien may take it: Abbr.; 57. Is a hero.
Down: 1. University of Alaska Southeast campus site; 2. Anne of fashion; 3. ITALO disco (European dance music); 4. Reactor overseer: Abbr.; 5. Cry from a daredevil cyclist; 6. 1884 short story by Guy de Maupassant; 7. St. BARTS (Caribbean island, familiarly); 8. Wee, to a wee ‘un; 9. Foremost; 10. Private dos?; 11. They’re straight; 12. Yosemite Valley peak; 13. Dumped; 14. Harms; 22. Manhattan’s place; 24. Every month has one; 25. Ticket; 27. Babes; 28. Where Fredo Corleone gets shot; 29. Passive-aggressive and the like; 30. Common desiccant; 31. Kentucky college; 34. Body found high in the Andes; 35. Where to hang, in slang; 37. Steinbeck’s birthplace; 38. Apiece; 40. No Yankee fan; 41. Light into; 43. Governor who helped found Ohio State University; 44. Called out; 45. UnitedHealth rival; 46. Like plaster; 48. Suffix with super; 52. Explorer, e.g.; 53. Dating letters.
Incidentally, for better or worse, Amy “Orange” Reynaldo and Michael “Rex Parker” Sharp have established an orange carpet for crosswords -- see ACCA Awards for 2007.
Or here: The First Annual American Crossword Critics Association Awards!
Commentary in reference to some of their more than twenty mentions appearing in this blog in chronological order are listed below. I am not endorsing their choices, nor making any of my own:
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Lists, lists, lists!

course, we all have our favorites!

List away!

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