01.18.08 -- Magnetism

Echo and Narcissus; John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)


Friday, January 18, 2008

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Puzzle by Trip Payne, edited by Will Shortz

MAGNETISM (1A. Drawing power) opens this crossword that ends with STARTWITH (61A. Have as an appetizer). In between are a variety of emotional attractions -- ALLATONCE (14A. Suddenly); HOMELANDS (11D. Pilgrims leave them); HEARTENED (31D. No longer gloomy); DOITAGAIN (16D. Steely Dan hit of 1972); along with those who personify them, HAMAN (17A. Villain in the Book of Esther); OREAD (58A. Echo, e.g., in Greek myth); NEDS Atomic Dustbin (60A.), THE MISER (30A. Moliere comedy); NERUDA (29D. “Ode to Broken Things” poet); and THE PROPHET (49A. Classic mystical book by Khalil Gibran).

Everything seems to be INORDER (35A. Properly filed), perhaps even INASERIES (12D. Not randomly arranged) unless one could CONSIDER (13D. Weigh) MENAGERIE (9D. Where the wild things are?), SIDESPINS (32D. Rotary motions) and SNEAKINESS (19A. Cunning), or the pitfalls of a TIMESHARE (30D. Beach house arrangement, perhaps), a free-fall of NOSECONES (59A. Guided missile sections) in the IONIANSEA (55A. Gulf of Taranto’s locale)... or a POSITRON (34D. Beta decay emission sometimes).
PIEROGI (34A. Filled treat) is the dish of the day, perhaps with PEAS (50D. Potpie ingredients) and a SWEET (48D. Honeybun).

Souls include Georgia ENGEL of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (24A.); CEY (28A. Six-time All-Star third baseman of the 1970s Dodgers); OMARR (37A. “Cooking With Astrology” author); DREYFUSS (38A. “Moon Over Parador” star, 1988); MISSM (44A. “Divine” showbiz name); a RANEE (54A. Asian title); a NAT (4D. R.F.K. Stadium player, for short); CHAN (10D. Detective in “The Shanghai Cobra”); PHIL (15D. “The Amazing Race” host Keoghan); HOSNI (47D. Egypt’s Mubarak); MRED (44D. TV star who said “Stop gabbin’ and get me some oats!”), those already mentioned, and even an END (18A. T formation participant).

GETA clue (21A.) brings us to -- Across: 10. Soigne; 15. Stereo receiver button; 25. Perishable fashion accessory; 26. Certain sale item: Abbr.; 29. Ancient fragrance; 33. Canadian equivalent of the Oscar; 40. “Buona SERA”; 41. You wouldn’t sit for a spell in this; 42. No-goodnik; 43. Suffix with Darwin; 46. Motivational cries; 52. Brood : chicken :: parliament : OWL.

Down: 1. Not natural; 2. Lengthwise; 3. Skate; 5. ETA Carinae (hyper giant star); 6. Attire; 8. Journal with an annual “Breakthrough of the Year” award; 20. Thing on a ring; 22. Earth, en espanol; 23. Hard-to-break plates; 27. 18-wheeler; 33. Be a big success; 36. Subway Series locale, for short; 39. Directorial demand; 41. Thing with a life of its own?; 45. Prometheus Society alternative; 51. Top-TIER; 53. Secure, in a way; 56. With 57-Down, commercial entreaty; and 57. See 56-Down -- ACT NOW!

Haman Begging Esther for Mercy. Rembrandt, 1655.


With its swirl of thoughts and emotions, this magnetic crossword is a powerful puzzling piece!


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