01.07.08 -- Silence

Hubble Space Telescope Image of Supernova 1994D in Galaxy NGC 4526
Monday, January 7, 2008

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Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz
It might be noted that today’s crossword is by the same author who "created" yesterday’s Sunday puzzle entitled "The Inside Dope" -- Constructor Lynn Lempel is on a roll.
Today’s concoction includes six inter-related entries which integrate and contain words that are usually associated with sound; however, in this instance, the words, to wit, POP, BOOM, CRASH, CRACK, CLAP and BANG, are not particularly associated with sound in the context in which they are used. BIGBANG (64A. Theory of the universe, or a hint to the starts of 17-Across and 7-, 10-, 35- and 40-Down); POPFOUL (17A. High hit behind the catcher, say); BOOMTOWN (7D. Prosperous place); CRASHDIET (10D. Extreme effort at weight loss); CRACKSHOT (35D. Skilled marksman); and CLAPTRAP (40D. Baloney).

If one could personify a crossword, this would be a graceful critter -- full of fresh entries, and imaginative clues which are still solver-friendly.

Entries of note, outside of the inter-related ones mentioned above, include PAPERS and PARERS, ABILENE and APLOMB, DIORAMA and DOCTOR, LAOTIAN and BALMS, NESTEGG, and somehow, SWAN (36A. Graceful swimmer); along with such conversational ones as SAIDNO, IDO, “My life ISAN open book”, “Como ESTA usted?”, YAPS, and RAH; descriptions of emotions and activities related to same, ERRATIC, RIPUP, SEEN, SEEMS, RANSOM, EVADE, SPIEDON, SNUB, SNEERS, ACHEFOR, REPEL, etc. The pleasant clues include III + IV, + and -, Miss terribly, Vegetable that rolls, Neurologist or orthopedist, Symbol of sturdiness, Twisty-horned antelope, Lady and the Tramp, e.g. (32D. DOGS); Inside of a paper towel roll, Symbols of meekness, and the Shortzesque twin clues for LENS (21D. Eye part) and IRIS (29D. Eye part).

As is usual for a Monday (supposedly the easy puzzle of the week), there are more than a few standard entries, but their juxtaposition and use are of such that it seems like a challenge and yet the puzzle is a breeze! With that, I’m headed in -- tomorrow I want to be an early RISER (48D. One heeding the alarm clock).

BYE (7A. “See ya”)!
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Across: 1. Peeling knives; 7. "See ya"; 10. Katie Couric's network; 13. Kansas city where Dwight Eisenhower grew up; 15. Symbol of sturdiness; 18. Do surgery (on); 19. End of a school Web address; 20. Salves; 22. "My life ___ open book"; 23. Ward off; 26. Safety item for a tightrope walker; 27. Pep rally shout; 28. Refused; 30. Tallied up; 33. Neurologist or orthopedist; 36. Graceful swimmer; 38. Nuptial agreement; 39. Spotty; 41. Tidy savings; 43. Miss. neighbor; 44. ___ of Man; 46. Paths from here to there; 47. Stretchy fabric; 49. Self-assurance; 51. Family; 52. Vegetable that rolls; 53. Looks to be; 57. Treble's counterpart; 59. Thorny parts of roses; 61. III + IV; 62. Miss terribly; 67. Scene at a natural history museum; 68. Observed secretly; 69. Summer hrs. in D.C.; 70. One doing leg. work; 71. Derisive looks. Down: 1. Post or Trib; 2. Residence; 3. Shred; 4. Aide to Santa; 5. Old auto inits.; 6. Rebuff; 8. Kennel cries; 9. ___ out (barely make); 11. Alpha, ___, gamma ...; 12. Glimpsed; 14. Twisty-horned antelope; 16. Musical chord; 21. Eye part; 24. "Como ___ usted?"; 25. Vientiane native; 27. Abductors' demands; 29. Eye part; 31. Periphery; 32. Lady and the Tramp, e.g.; 33. Start a card game; 34. Air France destination; 37. Aviation-related prefix; 42. Inside of a paper towel roll; 45. Sporting sword; 48. One heeding the alarm clock; 50. Symbols of meekness; 54. Dodge; 55. Petty; 56 + and -; 57. Ordered; 58. Carbolic ___; 59. A few; 60. Nurses a drink; 63. Lead-in to fetched or sighted; 65. Card game with knocking; 66. Spelling competition.


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