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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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Puzzle by John Farmer, edited by Will Shortz

DAY (71A. What each set of circled letters spells) is meant to be a clue for abbreviated days of the week, e.g., SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT evenly distributed with circles for the abbreviated days in the entries of SIGHTUNSEEN (18A. Blindly); MAJORIN (23A. Have as a focus of one’s studies); TVGUIDE (32A. Weekly founded by Walter Annenberg); WHOLEWHEATBREAD (36A. Club choice); THEHUTU (45A. People of Burundi); FERRARI (55A. Import with a “cavallino rampante” logo); and SHINEALIGHT (59A. Expose with “on”). It’s probably just me, but coming in the middle of the work week, this one is a weak week work!

Across: 1. Vacation rental; 4. DALAI Lama; 9. Paintball sound; 14. Boo follower; 15. “You know … it’ … like this …”; 16. Watchmaker since 1848; 17. Extension; 20. Possible cause of a swelling; 22. Filmmaker Gus Van SANT; 26. Place for steamers; 31. Feeling; 33. Cool guys; 35. “Would ILIE to You?” (1985 Eurythmics hit); 43. Neighbor on the 1980s sitcom “Mama’s Family”; 44. Footprint or loose thread, perhaps; 45. People of Burundi; 49. All accounted for; 54. Customized; 56. “Phooey!”; 58. Sen. Hatch; 65. Totaled; 66. Intrigue; 67. From Cork, e.g.; 68. Pittsburgh-to-Boston dir.; 69. Wry faces; 70. Boston five.

Down: 1. Challenges for daredevil motorcyclists; 2. Blood lines; 3. Actress Rebecca of “Ugly Betty”; 4. Ignominy; 5. Friend of Francois; 6. Part of a relay; 7. Relief reactions; 8. Unbroken; 9. “In America” novelist Susan; 10. Blair, Brown and others, in brief; 11. Winner at the Second Battle of Bull Run; 12. Bronze AGE; 13. Bronze; 19. Runnin’ Rebels of the N.C.A.A.; 21. Squares and cubes, e.g.: Abbr.; 24. ITAW a Putty Tat” (Friz Freleng short); 25. One of the Low Countries: Abbr.; 27. Naturalist who appears on the California quarter; 28. Vitriol; 29. 1998 Sarah McLachlan hit; 30. Bit for a basket weaver; 36. Skater Katarina; 37. Jolly laugh; 38. Sub in a tub; 39. Bert who sang “If I Only Had the Nerve”; 40. A first for Arabia?; 41. Some people have trouble carrying one; 42. Gets engaged to, old-style; 46. Milk dispensers; 47. Trillion: Prefix; 48. Language family that includes Finnish and Hungarian; 50. Hockey’s Bobby; 51. Blackened; 52. Sister of Albus Dumbledore, in the Harry Potter books; 53. Actress Laura; 57. Part of a makeshift swing; 59. Softhead; 60. Med. Insurance choice; 61. Slip in a pot; 62. Loon; 63. Baseball’s Hodges; 64. 1940s presidential inits.

SEC (34D. Half a mo)?!


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