01.14.08 -- Plums

Monday, January 14, 2008

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Puzzle by Robert Dillman, edited by Will Shortz
“Above the fruited PLAIN (34D.), this puzzle has plenty of PLUMS (6A. Juicy fruits) -- EATS (53A Sups) to SATE (42D. Fill the stomach of) the solver. SUSHI (45D. Dish often served with 10-Down) and SAKE (10D. Hot Japanese drink), HERBS (40A. Catnip and fennel); PEASE (37D. Kind of porridge); and to TEND (58D. Manage, as a bar), there is a TEASET (47D. Group of cups and saucers) -- as a bonus, we've 60A. Good sign on a candy box (PRIZEINSIDE) -- and four other “good signs” comprising the inter-related entries in this Monday back-to-work crossword: ENDROADWORK (17. Good sign on a highway); JUSTMARRIED (11D. Good sign on a car trunk); FREEKITTENS (25D. Good sign on a lawn); and VACANCY (26D. Good sign at a motel).
If an aroma has WAFTED (23A. Floated gently in the air) it SEEMS (71A. Appears) there’s nothing LENTEN (21A. Like the season before Easter), nor INAPT (27D. Not well-put) when a WEENIE (13D. Ineffectual one, slangily) PLUNKS (51D. Sets [down]) WADS (23D. Bankrolls) for KILOS (68A. Weights abroad, informally) before taking STEPS (36A. Alcoholics Anonymous has 12 of them) to get UPBEAT (50A. Optimistic) because 15A. and 48D RATTED, “It’s no USE!”
Led by a SATRAP, the STRATA of people number AARON; AIDES; AVIS; BESSIE; HOSEA; “MEN in Black,” Will Smith film (2D); MERLIN; ORR; PHDS of UMASS in SPAS; the SPCA; STE; the USO; the UTE; AND (3D. &) ZOE .
To ANNOTATE, wishing not to ABRADE or IRE, please ATTEST (56A. Bear witness), I’ll ASSENT (12D. Concurrence) to take one on the JAW (11A. Target of many a boxing blow) with a SLEDGE (55A. Heavy hammer), say it was DUE (32A. Expected), SPEED to the end, and call it an EEN (66A. Dark time, in poetry), 'cause a feud is plumb TRIASSIC (47A. Arizona’s Petrified Forest dates from this period.)!
OOH (31D. “That feels gooood!”)!
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Humphrey Bogart, "The Petrified Forest", 1936
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Across: 1. Bay State sch.; 6. Juicy fruits; 11. Target of many a boxing blow; 14. Sophomore’s grade; 15. Old Testament prophet; 16. “it’s no ___!”; 19. Reverse of NNW; 20. Dollar or Budget competitor; 21. Like the season before Easter; 23. Floated gently in the air; 26. 7 on a grandfather clock; 28. Prefix with potent; 29. Use a rasp on; 30. Comment on, as in a margin; 32. Expected; 33. Org. for the humane treatment of pets; 35. Bobby of the N.H.L.; 36. Alcoholics Anonymous has 12 of them; 39. Once around a track; 40. Catnip and fennel; 43. Safe box opener; 44. White ___ (termites); 46. Cousin of a Keogh, briefly; 47. Arizona’s Petrified Forest dates from this period; 50. Optimistic; 53. Sups; 54. “___ luck?”; 55. Heavy hammer; 56. Bear witness; 58. Consequently; 59. Fr. Holy woman; 66. Dark time, in poetry; 67. Vice President Burr; 68. Weights abroad, informally; 69. Scores in the end zone, for short; 70. Velocity; 71. Appears. Down: 1. Western tribe; 2. “___ in Black,” Will Smith film; 3. &; 4. Layers; 5. Acted rudely while in a line, maybe; 6. Academics’ degrees; 7. High’s opposite; 8. Grp. That entertains the troops; 9. Magician in Arthurian legend; 10. Hot Japanese drink; 12. Concurrence; 13. Ineffectual one, slangily; 18. Helpers; 22. ___ Dame; 23. Bankrolls; 24. Be next to; 27. Not well-put; 31. “That feels gooood!”; 34. “Above the fruited ___”; 37. Kind of porridge; 38. The “S” in CBS: Abbr.; 41. Boast; 42. Fill the stomach of; 45. Dish often served with 10-Down; 47. Groups of cups and saucers; 48. Squealed (on); 49. Despotic ruler; 51. Sets (down); 52. Nickname for Elizabeth; 57. Places to be pampered; 58. Manage, as a bar; 61. Anger; 62. Actress Caldwell; 63. ___ de France; 64. Suffix with official; 65. Twisty curve.


DataPlex Guru said...

Had trouble with the lower right -- "ESS" for "twisty curve" was beyond me, as was "DOM" for suffix to "official."

DONALD said...

Double-click on Bates Motel photograph for revenge.