09.01.12 — Execution

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Some light fare, SMOOTH JAZZ; 11. Co. now known as Ally Financial, GMAC; 15. Toast maker’s start, HERE’S TO YOU; 16. “Streamers” playwright”, RABE; 17. Unlike conference games, INTRAMURAL; 18. Going AT IT; 19. Vision, Vichy, VUE; 20. Classic literary inits., RLS; 21. Midwestern twin city, URBANA; 23. Precarious positions, EDGES; 25. “The Gondoliers” girl, TESSA; 28. Poppin’ Lemonade is one of its flavors, HIC; 29. See 43-Across, ROAD; 30. Birthplace of Queen Sonja, OSLO; 31. Big rush, SPATE; 33. Where the Pawnee R. flows, KAN; 35. High, EUPHORIA; 37. Everywhere, ALL OVER CREATION; 41. “See ya, bro”, PEACE OUT; 42. What a hand-held- or hand-holding - may be, briefly, PDA; 43. With 29-Across, like many sales reps, ON THE; 44. Gains, NETS; 46. Lake from which the Blue Nile begins, TANA; 50. Motor oil letters, SAE; 51. Avoid, NOT DO; 53. Scientist for whom an element is named, NOBEL; 54. Slugabed’s state, TORPOR; 56. Like 3 a.m., say, WEE; 58. One on the Lee side?, REB; 59. Book of Mormon book, ALMA; 60. What you may have to enter to enter, ACCESS CODE; 64. Familia members, TIAS; 65. Almost due, NEAR AT HAND; 66. Commune SE of Palermo, ENNA; 67. Is no longer fazed by, GETS USED TO.
Down — 1. Have a cool response?, SHIVER; 2. Ricky Martin’s springboard to fame, MENUDO, here he is girls, performing "Hold Me", the Justin Bieber of the day; 3. Big name in taco kits, ORTEGA; 4. “Give O’ER the play” (line from “Hamlet”); 5. Old dynasty members, TSARS; 6. Kind of tag for a Web designer, HTML; 7. One-on-one combat, JOUSTS; 8. Robert Burns’s birth county, AYR; 9. Suffix with proto-, ZOA; 10. Victors of the 1879 Battle of Isandlwana, ZULUS; 11. Interest, informally, GRAB; 12 Dancer known for her execution, MATA HARI; 13. From the start, AB INITIO; 14. Air-breathing swimmer, CETACEAN; 22. 1980s Cosby co-star, RASHAD; 24. Subject of the musical “Mayor”, ED KOCH; 26. Like 24-Down, eight times, ELECTED; 27. Causing face-clenching, maybe, SOUR; 30. With 62-Down, old ball game, ONE O‘; 32. Certain pancake makeup, POTATO; 34. Big name in skin care, AVEENO; 36. Excites, with “up”, PEPS; 37. Party switcher, say, APOSTATE; 38. “Enemies, a Love Story” Oscar nominee, LENA OLIN; 39. Possible response to 41-Across, LATER MAN; 40. Squirt, RUNT; 45. Minarets, e.g.., TOWERS; 47. One way to study, ABROAD; 48. Thelonious Monk’s “Well You NEEDN’T;”; 49. Reflectivity measure, ALBEDO; 52. Malay for “person”, ORANG; 53. Places where talk is cheep?, NESTS; 55. Simon & Garfunkel’s “El Condor PASA”; 57. The “you” in “you will serve your brother”, ESAU; 61 Mercury’s core?, CEE; 62. See 30-Down, CAT; 63. Symbol of rebellion on many T-shirts, CHE.


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