09.29.12 — Strange Bird

Die Zwitscher-Maschine (Twittering Machine) 1922 Paul Klee
Saturday, September 29, 2012
Puzzle by Joe DiPietro / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Lead, STAR; 5. Intestines, e.g., TRACT; 10. Dealers in books and records, CPAS; 14. “TONE it down!”; 15. Jenna Bush HAGER, former first daughter; 16. Workers’ place, HIVE; 17. Crush, e.g., ORANGE SODA; 19. “The Gondoliers” nurse, INEZ; 20. Stiff, POTENT; 21. Like George Bush’s promised nation, GENTLER; 23. Summer mountain feature, SNOW CAP; 25. “That’s enough!”, QUIT IT; 27. Bill producers, ATMS; 28. Kind of woman KEPT; 31. Explorer ROALD Amundsen; 32. Spirograph, e.g., TOY; 33. Lovers of all things Barbie, say, GIRLIE GIRLS; 35. Filter target, JUNK E-MAIL; 36. Odd one, STRANGE BIRD; 39. Noted rock site: Abbr., GIB; 42. Buck for a tune?, OWENS; 43. Cause of a car rental surcharge, DENT; 44. He was traded between Chicago teams in 1992, SOSA; 45. Add as a bonus, TOSS IN; 47. Some blight, GHETTOS; 49. Thick vegetable soup, POTTAGE; 52. It’s a wrap, SERAPE; 53. Like some plugs, MALE; 54. Needs from, REQUIRES OF; 56. Tear, RIVE; 57. Litter, e.g., YOUNG; 58. Go off-shore, maybe, WADE; 59. Autobus alternative, TREN; 60. Like some elephants, ASIAN; 61. CNBC subj., NYSE.
Down — 1. Visits, STOPS AT; 2. City originally known s the Town of York, TORONTO; 3. An arm and a leg and then some, ANATOMY; 4. Keeps it coming, maybe, RENEWS; 5. What leftovers may be for, THE TAKING; 6. Univ. aides, RAS; 7. In a swivet, AGOG; 8. Grant, CEDE; 9. Anxiolytic, e.g., for short, TRANQ; 10. Sichuan cooking ingredient, CHILI OIL; 11. It may help you get a grip, PINE TAR; 12. Earl AVERILL in the Baseball Hall of Fame; 13. “SEZ me!”; 18. Health products co., GNC; 22. Distended, TURGID; 24. Livened (up); PERKED; 26. Cardinal pts.?, TDS; 29. Object of some hazing, PLEBE; 30. It’s everything it’s said, TIMING; 33. Hit’s the gas, GUNS IT; 34. Taurus, for one, EARTH SIGN; 35. Dutch Golden Age painter, JAN STEEN; 36. One who’s usually gone, SOT; 37. Kings and queens, say, TWO PAIR; 38. Work out, RESOLVE; 39. Was given the right to vote, GOT A SAY; 40. Wood lice and pill bugs, ISOPODS; 41. Starting figure on a utility bill, BASE FEE; 44. Scattered, STREWN; 46. NARY A one (nobody); 48. Market add-on, EER; 50. Storms and others, GEOS; 51. What can open laterally; EQUI; 53. Star of the motivational video “Be Somebody … or Be Somebody’s Fool”, MR T; 55. “Por UNA Cabeza” (tango standard).


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