09.21.12 — No-Bainer

Friday, September 21, 2012
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Have a good weekend!

Across — 1. Gremlins of the ‘70s, e.g., AMCS; 5. Logic problem, FLAW; 9. Neighbor of Lydia, IONIA; 14. BAIN Capital (investment firm); 15. Q7 maker, AUDI; 16. Like a national flag with a sword on it, SAUDI; 17. Rising star?, NOVA; 18. One blatantly disobeying traffic laws, DRUG CARTEL; 20. Pitcher ERIK Bedard; 21. Tropical aquarium plants, EEL GRASSES; 22. Like small potatoes?, RICED; 24. ALEC Greven who wrote the 2008 best seller “How to Talk to Girls”; 25. Holy higher-ups, PRELATES; 28. “All in the Family” exclamation, JEEZ; 32. Cell group, PRISONERS; 33. Creep’s peep, OGLE; 34. With 11-Down, bugging no end, DRIVING; 35. Aperture in some drills, OIL HOLE; 37. Used bikes, RODE; 38. It prompts tipping in a bar, GO GO DANCE; 40. Accessory near a basin, EWER; 41. Relative of a man crush, BROMANCE; 42. Calls from a 27-Down, BAAS; 43. Reluctant wearer of a cap, DUNCE; 46. “I’m not upset, really”, IT’S ALL GOOD; 52. Classic covered walk, STOA; 53. Composition of some orange spheres, CANTALOUPE; 54. Word with letters?, ARTS; 55. They take people out, EXITS; 56. Play to A TIE; 57. Commend, CITE; 58. Flavian dynasty ruler, TITUS; 59. The opposition, THEM; 60. Heat meas., KCAL.
Down — 1. ABNER J. Mikva, White House counsel under Clinton; 2. Much-tattooed people, MAORI; 3. What a mayor tries to instill, CIVIC PRIDE; 4. Carver of Hells Canyon, SNAKE RIVER; 5. Die, FADE; 6. It’ll help you get a bite, LURE; 7. Flatter to a fault, ADULATE; 8. Flexibility, WIGGLE ROOM; 9. ISAAC Hull of the Constitution; 10. Propulsion gear, OARS; 11. See 34-Across, NUTS; 12. Flash d-inspiration, IDEE; 13. Isn’t fine, AILS; 19. Shakespearean title character, CRESSIDA; 23. First name in ‘50s TV, DESI; 26. Into-the-stands homer, say, LONG BALL; 27. Mohair source, ANGORA GOAT; 28. “High Fidelity” star, 2000, JOHN CUSACK; 29. Like a diva, EGOCENTRIC; 30. W competitor, ELLE; 31. First character seen in “Zelig”, ZEE; 32. Boat stem, PROW; 34. 2009 Grammy winner for “Crack a Bottle,” briefly, DRE; 38. Hit the dirt?, LAND; 39. Start to tank, GO SOUTH; 42. Bill BLASS of fashion; 44. Italian for “baked”, COTTA; 45. Flip chart supporter, EASEL; 46. “Low & Order: SVU” co-star, ICE T; 47. Move before taking off, TAXI; 48. Vexation, SNIT; 48. 1943 U.S.-vs.-Japan battle site, ATTU; 50. OPIE Taylor, old sitcom character; 51. Believe, DEEM.

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