09.14.12 — Head Off

Decapitación de San Pablo by Enrique Simonet 1887
Friday, September 14, 2012
Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

As the working world heads off for the weekend, this fine Friday crossword features fourteen ten-letter entries, along with BEATLES in the center and JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE and RINGO in the corners:

JOHN DENVER (1A. Colorado-state song composer)
EPISODE ONE (14A The main characters are usually introduced in it)
DECAPITATE (16A. Head off?)
LOST BALLOT (31A. Its discovery may result in a recount)
GET MARRIED (36A. Hitch up?)
COCONUT OIL (51A. Natural hair conditioner)
APPLE CORES (56A. Delicious leftovers)
PAUL REVERE (58A. Figure on a $5,000 EE savings bond)
CUTS IN LINE (11D. Acts rudely at a supermarket say)
ORGAN DONOR (12D. Notice on a driver’s license)
GEORGETOWN (13D. Guyanese capital)
RING OF FIRE (25D. What “burns, burns, burns” in a hit country song)
INTERLINER (26D. One making a coat warmer, say)
POSTMASTER (27D. Official in charge of sorts?)

Other — BEATLES (34A. Players who made a historic-touchdown in 1984), DOPIER, FISHES and ROD (45A. Uses a 46-Across; 46A. One holding the line), FLAT RATE, METHOD, MOTLEY, PISTOL, ROAR AT, SEDUCER, Raphael’s “SISTINE Madonna“, SMELTING, VASSAR.
Five-letter — ALMAS (21D. Father-and-son prophets in the Book of Mormon), ASCAP, BARRE, EDIFY, GONER, MONDE, ORMER (39A. Alternative name for abalone), REEVE, RIPER, STERN.
Short stuff — ANY, BED, COG, CPU, “What ELSE?”, ENT, ERR, GEL, HEY, HICK, What-IFS, INK, INO, INON and INTO, “Let IT GO already!”, JEDI, The Once-LER, NETS and NTS, NSA, OPEN, PURE, REED, RIO, ROLL, SNOW, SORE, STE and STL, TIER, TOV and VOA.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 11. Minor but necessary part; 15. 100%; 18. It might be disappearing; 20. Liberty League school; 22. Head-turning cry; 23. Coke user’s activity; 25. Relatively ready; 28. Christ the Redeemer overlooks it; 29. Pierre’s world; 30. Having complicity with; 33. Some Windows systems; 35. Dionysus’ aunt; 38. It hit’s the ground silently; 40. At-cost connection; 41. Bow’s counterpart; 42. It’s the same for all customers; 44. Come together; 47. Overseas relig. Title; 50. Hooked on, say; 55. Stick by the water?; 57. Trip up. — DOWN: 1. Sci-fi knight; 2 With 7-Down, easy things to score goals on; 3. Hayshaker; 4. Group concerned with hacking; 5. Not so smart; 6. Improve morally; 7. See 2-Down; 8. Big Multilanguage broadcaster, briefly; 9. Penlight-wielding doc; 10. Seymour’s “Somewhere in Time” co-star; 15. Packed piece; 22. Chick magnet?; 24. Disparate; 28. Criticize loudly; 31. The Once-___ (Seuss character); 32. It’s often made before breakfast; 34. Support for a dancer; 37. Process; 38. Busch Stadium scoreboard abbr.; 41. Beguile; 43. Licensing fee collector, briefly; 44. Doomed soul; 46. Order to make a scene?; 47. Upset; 48. Seating specification; 51. ___-Locka, Fla.; 53. Intel product, for short; 54. Hebrew for “good”.


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